Split He says....

Gaddaffi says we should split,and some people agree with him
and I ask, are we to split on the bases of our religious difference or our geographical location/ethnicity?

If splited on basis of religion...
Do the traditionalist get a nation of their own,
Do the Christian all come come together to form a whole nation, likewise the muslims?
Does religion rid us of our ethnic prejudices?

If splited on the basis of ethnicity...
Do the southerners lay claim to christianity and what happens to we southern muslim,
Do the Northerners lay claim to islam and what then happens to the Northern christians?
Do i have to convert my religion on the basis of my nationality? or
Do i change my nationality on the basis of my religion?

What Gaddaffi does not know and fellow Nigeria who support this view is that no part of Nigeria can lay 100% claim to a particular religion. He sighted the case of India and Pakistan. India is a 90% Hindu nation, while Pakistan is also about 90% islamic and I guess the reason for their fight was religious.

Our problem is not just religious, in short it is not a religious issue but our dysfunctional socio-ethnic and polical configuration and thinking.

Until I am given a concrete reason and answer, then would i support the resolution to split.

Molara Brown

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  1. He doesn't know anything about Nigeria... he is talking out of his ignorance