My Naija Police

Eyin brooda mi ala so dudu
Aye yin re lo de
I watched in dismay as an ordinary conductor asked if you were blind.
Me self wey sabi my right no dare ask you that kin question.
“You no dey see”, He said
“How many times you wan collect money”,
“Abi you dey craze ni”
You no kuku talk anything, and realizing you have collected money from him earlier, let him go.

Ordinary Lastma official get rep pass you.
The fear of Lastma is the beginning of wisdom in Lagos,
They say if na police, na money he go chop.
You no dey shame at all.
Even your Ex-Minister self no fit vouch for you.
He brusquely described you a failure.
Now you no longer collect N20
It is N50 for Okada riders, N100 for bus…
You prefer trailers and tanker drivers,
those one na from N500 their   money start.
If you need change, meet any police Officer,
He is sure to have lower denominations of the Naira.

You say bail is free, but if I am unfortunate to cross the counter at your station, I must to drop money.
Oga police don turn marketer, Oga DPO na manager and your Station don turn bank.
You say you are my friend and you that you are always at my service...I
f thief come, na you go first comot uniform, jump enter gutter, leaving me to my faith...
You are my worst enemy and most definitely not my friend.

Molara Brown

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  1. I think we need to pray for the Nigerian Police Force