Iye mi-Ode to my Mother...

Yeye mi
Iya rere ni iyami
Orisa bi iya osi
Orisa mi
Ayo mi
Idunu re, idunu mi

Mama mi
Modupe ojo ti obi mi
Mo dupe, itoju to fun mi
Mo dupe. eko ti o ko mi

Ayo re o ni di ibanuje
Wahala re lori omo ko ni jasi asan
Eni ele ni o ni gba ise re se
Oni subu da a nu
Wa jeun omo tidi ojo ale
Wa jere omo
Oni fi oju sunkun omo

Molara Brown


  1. You are the first blogger I have seen blogging in Yoruba

  2. Thats the best way to express my feeling and prayer for a wonderful mother

  3. It's like you took my thoughts and turned them into a more eloquent version of my prayer for my mother. Those women have sacrificed so much for us that the best we can do is to pray for God to reward them. Really nice post... :)