The Journey So far...

It's been a year since  I boarded that Air France flight into the city of Lagos...October 14th 2012, I embarked on this journey exploring the crazy life I am not living.
Life did not happen as I expected, my life underwent a crazy change and all I can say is I came out stronger.

For the last one year, I was dealing with a lot, emotions going haywire. My relationship with the family was in disarray. My life was a world of unhappiness with little dash of joy, fun and laughter. I was depressed and I hope someday I will be able to write or talk about it. For now, those moments have become blurry and have been pushed to the base of my life.

Like the saying goes, I am not where I wanted but I am definitely on track.
I am not where I want to be, but I am getting there, dealing with a lot of issues, daily setting out to work doing what I love….slowing acquiring enemies, learning daily the rules of Human resources, exploring the world of broadcast media, understanding the Nigerian employment and government terrains.

A friend once told me about 3 years back that, when work gets so overwhelming, you forget the social media world exist...right now my life is overwhelmed with work. I hardly notice the boring city I live in. My life right now is work and few trips when I remember grocery is about to finish to shoprite

I must confess, I have never been this utilized by any of the organization I worked inner and hidden talents have never been this explored...AIESEC came close, I must say AIESEC developed me but my talents were never fully explored. I am learning new things daily, my boss makes sure I never spend a day idle in the office.

Internet issues still not sorted out, the internet in my office practically packed up this month. I dropped my blackberry in Lagos during my last visit, the network here is so terrible. I hope to return back to proper blogging soon.

Kisses from Ilorin

Molara Brown


  1. Laura, you're very wise to realize the journey you were on helped prepare you for the journey you are now on. You're also right that cliches apply. My mother loved cliches. Two of her favorites: Keep your nose to the grindstone and make haste slowly. Now, about those enemies you said you were acquiring -- remember this cliche: keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Be careful here, as this could come back to haunt you. I'm from Louisiana, a clan-centered state where an enemy here means an enemy there, if you get my drift. Okay, more free advice: What you're going through is, unfortunately, rather normal. I don't know of anyone, male or female, who didn't encounter family difficulties when stepping into life, me included. I don't know what it is about family, but those one loves the most can be the most difficult. Remember, though, it's YOUR life!!!!! My sister did everything possible to please our mother. Now, she's bitter, angry that life passed her by. About long hours at work: NEVER complain. . . volunteer for MORE. Push yourself hard, then "kick" yourself to do more. All over the world, if there's one thing universally respected it's hard, honest work. Rewards come later! Oh, save 25% of your income -- whatever the reason, don't touch it -- the rewards of hard work will need a financial boost later -- after this period prepares you for the next period! Okay, enough -- got stuff to do -- just wanted to nudge you along! Go, girl!

  2. thank God you have pushed all that emotional things you were dealing with to the base of your life. keep on keeping on and continue to pursue your dreams... things can only get better! you seem to have shed some weight. best wishes and more blessings!!!

  3. Congratulations on the strides you've made so far!
    I am loving Kittie's comments and nuggets and taking notes myself.
    I pray for God's grace for you to achieve even more! xx

  4. Go girl! I like your boss. Sounds very much like my former boss. Slave driver and tough love giver but the absolute best.

    Life will always throw curves at us. The important thing to remember is not staying down *hugs*

  5. awww babes......:).
    I like your spirit though very bold, fearless and adventurous...
    I am sure the cloud will be over and we will hear about the amazing journey. x
    Keep strong hun.

  6. This would only make you stronger. This phase will be over someday

  7. I think the phase you're going through happens to many who lived abroad as an expat. some even go back to the foreign country. Its nice to still see the good out of everybad. I suggest you listen to Joyce Meyers, she knows how to uplift a soul. :)

  8. hmmmm....some part of this post resonate well with me. My boss....hmmmm

  9. blessings....
    love you in that color and working the head wrap.
    Life seldom go as we plan, there is a saying...."if you want to make God laugh, make plans."
    The journey of life is filled with lessons, each specific to us, get yours and like a cat you will always land on your feet.


  10. All the best dear!!

  11. Well-done, Lara. Things can only get better.

    Stay blessed and don't lose the smile.


  12. Hey Lara, pls pretty pls kindly get in touch, trying to start a 365 project for women in 2014 and I NEED contributions...please spread the word. website is check it out pleeeeaaassseee :) still building though. let me know your thoughts... NoLimit