Events in the City: JamesonConnectNG

So last Saturday, I got to attend a Lagos event. 

It was a Jameson whiskey event tagged the #JamesonConnectNG. To be honest, until I got to the venue I had no idea Jameson was a drinks brand not to talk about the fact that it is a whiskey brand.

How did I get the tickets, one of the travel bloggers in a WhatsApp group I belong to asked if anyone was interested in attending a Jameson event and I just said yes. I had a free Saturday and I wasn't ready to spend it at my mom's.

Fast forward event day,  I only dragged myself out of the house because I had the tickets for all four of us that were to attend the event.

I would have so given myself a knock on the head if I missed this event. I totally enjoyed myself. I was finally able to put a face to some of the travel bloggers I have been chatting with on the group in the last 3 to 4 months. I also got to do some Jumia Alumni reunion with fellow ex-staff I met the event.

I had a great time and almost didn't want to go home.
Funmi Ajala and I

Zainab Fashion of Zeegoes and Chiamaka, Social Prefect.

Until my next post, thank you for reading always.

Molara Brown


  1. So many events in Lagos, and I hardly hear about them. But Jameson sounds like a drinks brand o

    1. Yes I found out it was a drinks brand until I got to the venue. I was just lucky to hear about this as well.

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