Reading Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe"...Found this while clearing my room,this is one of the numerous recommended text in my 3rd year in school. Remember buying it and writing my name on it and throwing it somewhere...Never for a day read it and it's still as new as i bought it.
Those days when we had to read about seven different text for a course and countless peoms, we always made do with the summaries online. Loving the book right now

If you are a lover of the age of chivalry and old english, then this a must read. Scott explores the conflict between the Norman overload and the conquered Saxons. the Crown and the powerful Barons. He creates a brilliant, colourful account of the age of chivalry with its elaborate rituals and costumes and its values of honour and personal glory


Recently saw the Ghanian movie, Perfect Picture. I'm sure you're wondering where I have been, it's an old movie I agree, just got to watch it.

This movie is really perfect and for me this is Jackie Appiah's best and I heard she got a Best Actress nomination at the forthcoming AMAA. I hope she wins, No apologies to my Nigeria sisters, but I hope she wins.

I had the priviledge of watching this wonderful movie while browsing through my cousin's laptop...started watching it all over again, after the first watch. This is the best Romantic Comedy I have ever seen made by an African. Even though it is your everyday theme, you still can help but love this actors in their varying characters.

It is a movie which delves into the issues of sex, love, deceit, pain and every other human relationship issues. Shirley Frimpong-Manso (Producer, Director, Writer) has really done a great job in capturing the everyday life and issues of our age and she sure has kept the Ghanian flag flying. This movie is a must watch if you have not seen it, don't even why I never heard of it.

Hooked on Kate Voegele's "Fine Mess" album...Ever since i heard her voice on One Three Hill, I have been hooked and my all time favorite in that album is "Sweet Silver Lining"

Molara Brown

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  1. Hmmm... I might have to disagree with you about "The Perfect Picture" o... The movie was ok, definitely much better than a lot of Nollywood disgraces parading as movies... But the acting in it was quite bad. I have to say Jackie was the best of the lot but I'm not sure if it was good enough to get an AMAA nod, if AMAA is truly representing all movies released in Africa over an entire year. There must have been better out there, even in our low-budget yoruba movies...