Yet another death

Yet another death recorded
Less than 3 weeks after they were called back to start manning the crazy traffic at the jakande-Ikotun road, the another death has been recorded in the hands of the Lastma officials. But this time around they also recorded a death on their part.
Sometimes I wonder the kind of recruitment process the officials of these operatives go through before they selected. To me, they all bunch of rouges and theives.

Now traffic in my end has moved from Go-slow to standstill...Lastma officials are now permanently banned from my end. In short, it seems Fashola has packed them off the streets of Lagos, because I have not seen them any where since the incident last Monday.

From the gist, the Lastma official mercilessly beat the old man till he gave up the ghost...right in front of the man's child. Imagine watching your father been beaten to death...The Lastma dude had been a terror in that end, with even commuters complaining about him. He was one who never use to hear a plea, once he arrests a car, that car must enter their office no. No amount of begging stops the guy. When the first death occured, every one thought he was the one.

He met his waterloo that day, am sure if any one had told the old man and the Lastma official , particularly the Lastma officail, that day was going to be thier last on earth, they would have cursed whoever gave such prophesy. The mob on confirming the old man dead, turned on the Lastma guy and also gave him the taste of his bitter pill resulting in his own death.

Fashola has seriously got to do something about those his thugs, i think they need to go through psychological test at Yaba left because some of them are actually deranged. For now, we have to make do with the Police controlling traffic,and these ones are more concerned about their N100 than the traffic.For them, the longer the traffic, the more the money they make in a day.

Molara Brown


  1. wow!!no respect for human life at all

  2. Totally agree. Fashola should do something

  3. wait LASTMA guys beat someone to death?