Taking stock 2012

When the years draw to an end, we begin to reflect upon all the times that defined that year. All the glorious moments, the little failures, achievements, and non-achievements. We also think about what we want to do afresh in the coming year and all those kind of stuff.  When I look back and think of all these, I couldn't help but also remember all the names that made a difference in my life in 2012 and the beautiful faces behind those names.

I lost myself and found myself this year…at some point, I was living the life of my dreams and then all of a sudden I found myself living another girl’s dream. The adventurous and proactive girl got lost at some point, the procrastinator in me took over then again I found myself. This is the bit and piece I could pull together.

#Best moments:
My last months in India were the most amazing part of the year. As much as I missed home and family, I definitely created and lived some incredible memories that I will never forget.

Europe was not on my card this year but I made it to 3 countries in the EU while there. After all the wahala I gave them at the Singaporean Embassy in India, those people would be mad to realize I did not visit their country.
Dubai, UAE

Munich, Germany
Brugge, Belgium

In this department, I was a mess. A really big one. There was just no connection. I found myself praying out of duty, not because I wanted to. I pulled away from God; I was asking too much question which got no answer. I was on the verge of becoming a deitist. Please no judgments here, we all have our right to our beliefs. Now am crawling back to Islam, thanks to some friends. You can only understand if you have been there.

I have a 'very interesting' family, both the nuclear and extended one. My sisters are both grown now, the immediate sister graduated from the university and lil’ sister could pass for a 15-year-old even though she is “12 going on 13”. My extended families were busy springing a lot of surprises but I have learned we all are different even though we share blood.

I read a tweet once saying “how someone you have never met could make your year” and then I remember I have not met any of you and I share a special bond with you all. I would love to thank you all for the special virtual friendship we all share. As for physical friends, I was a good friend to some and terribly different to others. Some friendships were rekindled, awesome new friendships made and some friendships relegated.

Finances weren’t terrible but I could have done better. Seriously done better, I guess that is why we have a new year to make things right.

Health and Fitness
This year I added some serious weight that my mother who has always called me chicken when others tell me I have gone fat looked at me and said, madam, you had better watch it. Asides the big belly, I really do not have issues with the extra meat on my body. Any exercise I would be doing in the New Year would be to keep fit and not necessarily lose weight. Even my flat ass is now showing, so why would I give that up.

The discovery of the cysts and subsequent surgery has made me so health-conscious that now, I am calling up the doctor for any small symptom.

I am not forgetting my big hair chop.

The year is not ending the way I wanted or planned it to, but then again I am grateful for life and the opportunity for a beautiful tomorrow. Thank you all very much for an eventful year and looking forward to a blissful and prosperous 2013

♥ Lara



  1. Compliments of the season

    You sure had an eventful year. The picture said so much. Thank God you found yourself and that you are very well too.

    Looking forward to a more memorable 2013

  2. I Love This!! Eventful! hope to visit More countries in 2013.

  3. You def had an eventful year. Happy holidays & a blissful new year Lara

  4. make sure the nxt time ure globing u make me ur hand luggage. happy new year in advance sweets.

  5. Pictures 1,3,6 do it for me...those hips Lara!!!!

  6. We just thank God for seeing us through to the end of the year. Many people don't have that same opportunity.

  7. love the new layout! I'm glad i stumbled on your blog. sometimes we have to sit down and count our blessings to really appreciate the many things that are going great in our lives.
    I look forward to more posts from you and following your adventures in 2013. I wish you a great new year!

  8. I hope I get to travel this year as much as you did. Looks like you had a beautiful 2013.

  9. Blessings & happy new year.
    I see you have made some changes/very good.
    This year is ending as you want my dear, first and foremost you have your health (most treasured), strength, family, friends and many opportunities before you to realize dreams deferred and create new ones.

    Stay blessed.

    i like your size...

  10. i totally agree on the four points :) happy new year!

  11. Happy New Year, and may this year be even more amazing!

  12. I'll go for there being nowhere like India. But is your direction in faith the right one?

  13. Happy New year dear, there is so much to be thankful for... here is praying for a greater 2013

  14. Seems like you had an interesting year (I'm so jealous of all your travels... I had so many plans and didn't do anything). Anyhow, happy new year, and I pray 2013 is even more amazing for you.

  15. You had a most interesting year Lahrah! Here's to an even more fulfilling one this 2013! Happy New Year!

  16. Awesome recap! I love how honest you were about your faith. At least you are proactive about fixing it. What ever your religion, we all need God. And my goodness! you got to land on some GREAT places! i want to go to the UAE so bad! I hope 2013 is just as amazing

    Also, I recently launched my eyewear line, Enerjiee , I'd appreciate it if you check it out!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  17. Hope your 2012 was so much better than the text and all lessons learnt will be kept :)