Stitches out

I will like to thank each and every one of you all for the good wishes and prayers. Mother has been there to nurse me back to good health. I was on bed rest for a week, my back was sore after this.

The stitches were taken out last Monday...I was actually amazed by the patience of the nurse in making sure it was a pain free experience. My cousin already warned about how painful the experience is and how the nurses were never nice.  The scars are not so obvious, I am so happy about this. I was finally able to sleep on my stomach

Life for me seems to be on Pause, but right now I am not complaining or even bothered about it.It is crazy been idle but then again, life has given me this opportunity to decide what it is or better still which direction, I would like to steer my life to.

I am planning a trip to the city of Cotonou, Benin Republic with a family friend of mine, my mum is still mad about this, she thinks I should take my time to heal. Travelling is my own definition of taking time to heal, sitting in a place and doing nothing, will drive me crazy.

A West African countries tour is what I have planned in my head, time will let what how this will go.

We need a Councillor to represent my end of Lagos, because I don't understand how the rest of the state will be enjoying electricity and we will be burning fuel. I am right now praying for the engine of my neighbor to blow, because the noise of that gen gives me terrible headache every night.

Thank you all once again and please vote for this wonderful blog as "Best Travel or Tourism bog" in the Nigerian Blog Award. Those of you that did not nominate, now is the time to show your love.

♥  Lara
From one village in the city of Lasgidi.

Molara Brown


  1.! Didn't know anything like this happened to you? I think am late to know you were sick and had to be stitched...truly pray you get well fast, sorry my dearie! big hugs from Texas!

  2. Great to hear you are back to 'near normal'
    Praise God for kind mothers
    Regarding the travelling...please make sure you have the all clear from the doctors.
    Remember that travelling comes with the risk of food poisoning - from new foods or doidgy water - so your mum is wise to worry

    Stay blessed

    1. I cosign the above statement...Please madam heal properly before u go somewhere else..

  3. Aww bless u. Take time to heal love. Already voted. Enjoy Benin when u go.

  4. Thank God u feel a lot better.

    West African countries tour sounds nice but please make sure you heal well before travelling.

    Take good care of U.

  5. Yay Thank God you're better.

    Here we go with the travelling again! Sit your butt at home my friend :P

  6. I'm with N.I.L, please check with your doctors before you commence with your trip. Yes, being idle can be a drag but puleeeassseeee!!!! sit it out, until you're 100% cleared.

    That said, Cotonou isn't a bad place to visit :), Glad to see you're recovering well

  7. I thank God for your life Lara... I'm happy to hear you are healing fine. I wish you didnt have to go anywhere o, seriously, I think you need to heed to your mum and NIL's advice, make sure you are fully well before you undertake any trip abeg. Best wishes.

  8. Yay on getting stitches out. Was worried about your bukini bod ;) (i know i can be vain)
    Just take it cool and play safe sho gbo? *hugs*

  9. Oh wow! I'm just reading this and I'm so glad I read the good news first *hugs* May you get better sooner and I'm also happy your mum was persistent, it paid.
    Get well soon,I will be praying for you

  10. Good to hear from you. Hopefully you'll be back to 100% soon.

  11. so glad you're ok
    lol @ your neighbor's gen......naija things.
    be well dear and enjoy your trip

  12. Thank God it went well, and you are fine. Please, rest well o. You need it

  13. Glad everything went well..and you are on the road to recovery..

  14. I am relieved everything is going well with regards to the surgery. Enjoy Benin when you go, but do take care. Hugs!

  15. Glad to hear you're healing nicely, Lara. Godspeed:)

  16. Lara! how you doing today? just got the parcel today, thanks a lot dear... God bless you real big! will keep you posted.

  17. I'm glad that you're better dear! Thank God for mothers.

    Hmmm a west african tour, shey u'll take me with u :):):)

    Pray for a full recovery dearie

  18. Thank God for a safe surgery, try to take it easy and allow the healing to be complete. Hugs!

  19. Hi, its been a while you came around here. Thought I should check you feel a lot better? Or you are on your trip around west Africa?

    Take of you dear

  20. Glad you are feeling a lot better. Do take care miss.

  21. Hmmmm, trip things on your mind already. Like everyone has already said, You just be sure to get fully cleared before embarking on another waka waka. :-)

  22. Please rest well o.