I am tired of Lagos.
Thinking of moving out of this town.
Never thought a day would come when I would ever grow tired of this city
Never thought of living outside of my city of dreams...
Lagos is fast becoming a hell hole
Every day, it is one issue after another
I want to move out of Lagos to a quiet and serene place like Abeokuta or Ilorin
Where I would have peace and move freely without the fear of Lastma.

Lastma officials have become some serious menace.
Yesterday's protest by the public transport drivers was against the Lastma officials.
Every driver in Lagos has a tale to tell about Lastma Official.
Fashola has to tell us where the duties and responsibilities of Lastma officials start and end.
Every driver in Lagos is forced to go out with extra cash, because you never can tell if you will be unfortunate to be their guest and they never charge below N5000.

Did not come to work yesterday because of yesterday craze by the Agberos of Lagos who took it upon themselves to enforce the strike action embarked on by the Road Transport Union against Lastma officials. The bus I entered was turned back at the Mile2 area of Lagos, forward I could not go, backwards I could not return, all buses were stopped and all passengers chased down from the bus. Was at a particular spot for more than 2 hours, my mum had to come down there with a friend of hers to pick me up.

Everyday in Lagos, we risk our lives. A fight between two individual would in the next minute turn into a street fight leaving countless marred and dead.

Today it is Lastma, tomorrow it is Agbero/area boys or police officers, the drama of Lagos continously unfolds and I never want to be caught in the wrong spot.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I read your post with concern. Take care!!

  2. I am jealous of the fact that you're in Lagos and here you are tryna move out. It must be really bad, right? But nothing is so bad that you have to move to Ilorin...lol.

  3. Lagos lights will inspire you...

    I love lasgidi... and every passing moment I'm away, I realise how much I really love it.

    Las gidi is home.... No other place gives you jokes for free

  4. Lasgidi would always be home,It has always been home...I am not just a born and bred in Lagos, also an Indigene but guess I long to live else where to be able to really appreciate it.

  5. I love the title of this post!!! Ilorin isn't bad sha... My grandmother lived there so I used to go quite a bit. It's way calmer than Lagos if that's what you are looking for... Good luck with the decision sha...