All I ask for is Quality...

The first time I saw Chinese or is it Korean laborers...can't tell the different between them Asian people...on the construction site of the yet to be completed Intercontinental Hotel on Kofo Abayomi street on the Island, I wondered aloud. I judged and questioned their decision, wondering why they could not make use of Nigerian Laborers.

On Saturday, my mother had to practically destroy the already laid down foundation of her house, because it is too close to the boy’s quarter and the iron used cannot hold the building. The fence of our house which is just barely four months old has a crack and she is told that to prevent collapse she has to fill it with raw cement and Iron rod...all these done by our Nigerian laborers...all at double the price and now she is going to be spending more than she originally spent.

Now I do not blame the contractors who had to import their own laborers because they want quality, they do not want a building that will collapse in the near future and every one would ask why they did a shoddy job in the first place.

Not that I am support the importation of brains down here but when you want the best you go the best even if it is going to cost you more….even if you have to go get them from across the Atlantic ocean...We no longer have they brains or should I say the people are no longer using their people no longer want to work hard, they no longer want to take their time to learn and be good at what they do; everyone wants to become an oga...

I am tired of having to complain about my fellow Nigerian, but they never fail to diappoint

When I ask for quality, quality is what I expect and quality is what I should get and nothing less

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I feel u, but let's not generalise. Nigerians deliver quality and charge for it.

  2. yeah we still have quality nigerians that are ready to give you your desired result but it depends on your scope of search

  3. yes, it's always better to pay a bit more for assured quality, but I certainly agree with the previous commenters...