11pm-March 31st, 2008: While gisting with my room mates my phone rang...Looking at the screen, It was an ex I had not spoken to in a very long time, even though, our halls of residence is a walkable distance.
Hi what's whats up, I said, we spoke for some couple of minutes and He promised to call me back. Hung up the phone and continued my gist with my room-mates.

12.30am-April 1
Oblivious of the date, my friend's number appeared on my phone screen, but the voice was strange
Hello is this Lara, the voice said.
Yes,speaking, I said
I am calling from LUTH at Idi-araba, he said. My heart skipped, this can't be good.
Jide just had an accident outside the school... he said,Your was the last number he dialed, that is why I am calling. Do you know how to get across to his family or friends.
Was already up on my seat, cracking my brain, truthfully I do not have any number of his friends not to talk of his family, see me see wahala...What would I do. You know what call me back in like 20 minutes, I would see what I can do, I said.
Lost and not sure what to do, can't even leave the hostel, gates been closed since 12 sharp.

Turning to my cousin, who happens to be my roommate and also know the dude, Tola, someone just called me and He said Jide just had an accident, I said. Everyone was quiet at that point, gist over...every one was suddenly sober.
Do you have Micheal or Ibrahim's number(These are Jide's friends and we all used to roll in Year 1), I said
Are you serious, thought he just called you some minutes back, where did this happening, she just kep barging me with question...where is my phone, think I should have Micheal's number...Unfortunately for us, she had a lot of Micheal stored on her phone, we had to start dialing from the first Micheal till we finally called the right one.

Micheal, where are you, She asked.
In the room, he said
Someone just called Lara and said Jide just had an accident, She told him. Are you serious, he just left the room and said he was coming, where did this happening, He said.
Someone is with his phone, call his number, we are also not sure what happened, do we meet outside your hall or ours, Tola said.
You know what, let me inform the other and we will come over to your hall.

Was already pull my nightwear and puttling on the available clothes in sight, even my room mates who did not know who we were talking about, were already getting dressed to follow us. At that moment, my phone rang, we are already on our way, I said into the phone.
April Fool, The voice said. What do you mean by april fool, still not getting the gist. At that  moment, Tola grabbed the phone from me and said to Jide, You are not serious, you want to give us hypertension.
That was when it dawned on me, I had just been April Fooled, we all started screaming in the room.
At that moment, someone screammed fire, fire and forgeting about the accident gist, we all ran out of the room. The corridor was already filled with girls outside their room, runing towards the stairs, not even bothered to know which room was actually burning.

When it dawned on us that it was a ruse, every one was pretty much angry..see as girls were cursing, heavy curses oh on the chick that screamed. Throughout that day, anything anyone told me was not believed and was actaually confirmed to be true before accepting.

Molara Brown

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