Travelogue: Kwara State through my lens

These pictures  except  those from Kwara State University and the Minarets of the Central Mosque of Ilorin were taken during the field trip I went on from the office in August 2013...I tried my best to capture some of those scenes which I loved. This is not the entirety of Kwara, there is so much to see. I got to travel to and through over 22 villages across the 3 senatorial districts of Kwara state...sadly it's been so long I can't remember where exactly some pictures were taken. 
Kwara State University
A view of the Minarets of the Ilorin Central Mosque from Oja-Oba
Minarets of the University of Ilorin Mosque

A lecture hall at the Kwara State University

On the Road to Patigi-The Road looks dirty right, this is egusi spread on miles of the road

Aerial viel of Share, Town

It was the beginning of the new yam season, we got free yam to taste from a seller

The Etsu of Patigi's men blowing the trumpet after the Jumat Service
A view of the river Niger from Patigi
Central Mosque of Patigi
The Palace of the Etsu of Patigi
The Fura nunu lady and her calabash
From Ilorin, the city I call home for now

Molara Brown


  1. I'm going to ask a daft question- what are the mud cottages in the 8th picture?

    Love the LoL signature! Witty!

  2. I hear they are storage huts, not really sure sha.

  3. blessings and thanks for the tour.