The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

It's the last day of 2020.
The plan was to ring in the new year in a different country.

This time last year, I was exploring the island of Sal in Cape Verde. This year I am home in Lagos.

Not how I planned to spend the day.
I wanted to ring in the year in Cotonou the moment the border was reopened

But alas, I was in contact with someone who was in contact with a COVID positive case. I had to immediately self-isolate.

I registered to get tested, but I never got the email.

Crazy, I  just found out that the only person who was allowed to visit me on Christmas day has also been in contact with a positive case. We await his result.

The one lesson 2020 has taught me is the uncertainty of tomorrow.
The next minute is uncertain.

2020 broke my heart so many times from one tragedy to another. 
Despite the loss, the pain, and the deaths, somewhere during this year, a year like no other.
I laughed.

I want to remember that I laughed.
I am not sad or happy but I want to remember the laughter.

Thank you to everyone who still reads this blog.

Adieu, 2020.


Molara Brown


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