Recent Read, Movie and Music

This post has been sitting in my draft for me weeks.

Recent Read: Lessons in Love
I finally read Lara Daniel's book. It has been on my kindle for the last one year but for one reason or the other never opened the book till some days back

I must commend the author for her ability to pull through the 1st person narrative. The book sort of gave me the "50 shades" vibe. I saw a similarity between Tara, the character in 'Lessons in Love" and Anastasia Steele of 50 shades (my thoughts, you don't have to agree if you have read the book).
I am always skeptical with Nigerian romance novels but Lara definitely did justice to this one.
I found the book rushed, like I was slow in the beginning, picked pace in the middle and before I knew it, the book had ended. 

Movie: No Good Deed

This is the first Idris Elba movie I have watched.
Watched 'No Good Deed" at the Cinema with my friends Laura and Chinedu.
Abeg what is it with Naija Cinema goers and dishing commentary in while the movie is going on.

No Good Deed reminded me of the movie "Obsessed" starring Beyonce, to my surprise both movies were produced by same individual.

Idris Elba is obviously a talented actor and Taraji is also a good one. I am sure if not for the 2 of them, I probably would not have watched it.

The movie begin with Colin Evans (Idris Elba) pleading for an early release from prison, he is described by one of the parole board members as a "malignant narcissist," and, upon being transported back to prison, he murders several guards (including the kindly old man who wishes him well) and escapes. 

He pays a visit to his ex-fiancé who he ends up killing, Evans crashes his getaway vehicle in the woods and shows up on the doorstep of Terri Granger (Taraji P. Henson), an ex-District Attorney who is not appreciated by her emotionally distant husband and exhausted from staying at home with her two young daughters begging to use her phone to call the towing company. 

Terri’s sympathies come at great consequence. Actually, Colin didn't end up on Terri's doorstop by accident, he had come to see or should I say kill Terri's husband who was cheating on his wife with Colin's ex-fiancé.

The movie was worth the watch and I was glad I watched it with 2 of my favorite people.

Music: Bed of Stone-Asa

I am one of those who were looking forward to Asa's new album, Like I am in love with Asa and I was so glad when "Bed of Stone" dropped. I listen to the Album at least once a day. My favorite tracks on the album are 'Eyo', 'Dead Again' and the album title 'Bed of Stone'.


Wonders of Ilorin: Central Mosque of Ilorin

I fell in love with this mosque from the very first day I saw its beautiful minarets.
Every time I visit Oja oba, I would gaze at the mosque and be amazed by its beauty.
But I was always shy to capture the beautiful piece of architecture.
I was also turned off from capturing this structure because couldn't view the interior which I am told is really beautiful.
Women are not allowed to pray inside the Masjid.
But then I couldn't refuse capturing this beautiful architecture.

Rumor has it that every piece asides the blocks were imported from Pakistan.

These pictures did not do justice to the beautiful edifice.
Photograph was taken by my former assistant back in May.
It was taken during a visit to the Emir's palace and when I couldn't make the trip, I  beg him to take it for me on my Nikon Camera.

May the month of October be fulfilling and bring to us all glad tidings.

Photograph: Vincent Akolo
Camera: Nikon Coolpix L810


The Rude Applicant

The interview with her was schedule for 12pm.
She came in at 12:10 pm.
The interviewers left the office for an external meeting at 12: 05 pm.
The position she applied was a managerial one.

This is how the scenario played out,

Me: Hello, Good morning
Applicant: Good morning, My name is ....,I am here for the interview.
Me: Welcome, unfortunately the interviewers have just stepped out for a meeting...
Applicant: (cuts me,gave me a scowl) but the interview  email said 12 pm.
Me: Yes the email said 12 pm, but you were not here for 12, the interviewers left here 12.05 pm
Applicant: (Interrupts again) I saw them driving out, I was here before they left.
Me: Well, they should be back by 1pm
Applicant: (Interrupts again) Are you (name of of my team Lead)?
Me: No I am not
Applicant: Can I speak with her?
Me: unfortunately she is not available right now, as I was saying the interviewers will be back by 1 pm. Would you like to wait till then or we reschedule the interview.
Applicant: (interrupts, now giving me attitude) I would like to speak with (name of my team lead) as she told me 12 pm.
Me: Okay then, let me check if she is available.

I get my team lead for her.

They had a brief chat and madam agreed to wait for the interview
My team lead comes up and says babe is too argumentative, already forming attitude and would just not accept that she was late.

I was still talking to my team lead when one of my colleagues came in and said who is that rude person down there.

Apparently madam had insulted the security and drivers she met on her way into the office. She talked rudely to them.

I still don't get the reason why any one would be rude to the staffs of a company you are interviewing for. Like is it simply because it is a managerial position and she feels every other person is beneath her. A manager was standing at the gate when she rudely addressed the security guy and drivers and that one just said she was a no no.

She ended up not waiting for the interview as the interviewers did not arrive on time. She was just too impatient to wait for anything.

Like immediately I could tell the kind of manager she is at her current place of work.

No room for rudeness in our office, without even interview the lady had failed with her attitude. Like we operate an almost flat structure. Like I was in shock for the whole day, never in my 4 years of HR experience have I experienced such. Not even when I used to interview final year students back in my 2nd year in the University did I ever experience such attitude.

Attitude is one of the qualities measured to determine if an applicant will fit into a company's culture. Even if rudeness is allowed in a company I don't think such should be displayed at the interview stage.

 Only in Lagos will you be seeing orishirishi.

Weekend is coming and I am so excited.
Until the next post.


Hello September!!!...Of Makeup, hair and photography

September is here already!!!
Can't believe it is the 9th month of the year 2014.
My life has been one roller-coaster ride.
Deaths, Local travels, move back to Lagos, job change, new friends made, friends lost and many more.
I am forever grateful for life, family, supportive friends and all that I have.

So my home girl, Sandra went to make up school and needed to practice for her final exam,
As a good friend now, I decided to become model and photographer for her 2 Saturdays ago.

I am finally getting a hang of the Nikon D3100. It is not easy to be a professional photographer oh. I am now looking to purchase flash and tripod for the camera join.

No form of editing or filter has been done on the pictures. All raw from the camera.

Model: Shola Ilupeju
Hair and Makeup: Sandra Ayika
Photograph: Yours truly

Model:Yours truly
Makeup and Hair: Sandra Ayika
Photograph: Sandra Ayika

Have a beautiful month of September.

Adieu Oleefee, RIP

I lost a friend, a mentor, an extra-ordinary man. Death took him away on August 19th, 2014.

I was reading for my exam when I received a call from Feyi.
Have you heard, she said.
Kunle Olaifa don die
I screamed, wetin happen, how, when, what the hell...I said.
She gave me details.

Do you realize I am writing an exam tomorrow, I told didn't I, I said.
Ore no vex, I don forget, she replied.
I will talk to you after my exam, I said and the call ended.

I was angry, not at my friend but at death.
A part of me was angry at her for sharing such news.
For those sharing bad news, they forget to take into account the state of mind of the receiver.

Another death by accident
Kunle was taken away on the 15th year anniversary of my late cousin.
To be honest, I forgot about my cousin's anniversary but when I heard Kunle died. I remembered.

Death just has a way of taking away good people, people who are leaving indelible marks in the life of people.

Kunle was a game changer, he was a professional, he was building careers and he was passionate about his calling.

I met Kunle for the first time in 2006.
It was at 17a, I was talking to Osibo (One of his besties) and he walked up. We said our hellos and I listened to him talk passionately about his then job at Triangle Nigeria Limited. We became friends ever since then.

The last time I saw him was last year at the Career Solutions Africa's Job fair.
The last time I had a chat with him was in May before I moved to Lagos and he wished me all the best at the new place.

He was my go to guy for anything HR related. If he does not know, he will link me up with someone who knows.  Everyone who has met Kunle has only good tales to share about him.
Words cannot describe him, you will only know what I am talking about if you ever met him.
Kunle humility was endearing. He was one of a kind.

You see Kunle was many things to different people but to me, Kunle was a good man with an heart of gold, he was a friend and a mentor.

Africa has lost one of it's best...the HR world has lost one of its best.
His death is a shock to us all.
I guess we all never prepare for death, especially when it is the death of someone so young and so full of life.

Rest in Peace, great one.
Rest in Peace, Kunle Oludare Olaifa


Last Day out with the Nikon Coolpix L810 at Bistro 7

I was at the Restaurant called Bistro 7 for a staff retreat with colleagues on August 1. This is the last time, I used the Nikon L810 which had been capturing moments for me for the last 2 years. I miss the camera thou but I haf move on. You all know I got a new Nikon DSLR, so I sold this one.

It was a day of fun, plenty food, team bonding and barrier breaking day at the company. We had breakfast and lunch at Bistro 7. I love the interior of the restaurant and it is such a photographer's delight.

I can't give a proper review of the place because of the circumstance surrounding my visit, we were more focused on the event to even bother about food or service delivery at some point tension was running high.

All I can say is that the food was good. As in I over ate, by the time dessert came, there was no more space in the stomach. The main course was the best, sadly I did not get to take any pictures of it. The staff were warm and we ordered everything on the menu.

Location: 7th Heaven-273 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island

Price: I have no idea, only the company accountant can talk that one
The food is not for snapping picture oh
A  View of the Intercontinental Hotel