Last Day out with the Nikon Coolpix L810 at Bistro 7

I was at the Restaurant called Bistro 7 for a staff retreat with colleagues on August 1. This is the last time, I used the Nikon L810 which had been capturing moments for me for the last 2 years. I miss the camera thou but I haf move on. You all know I got a new Nikon DSLR, so I sold this one.

It was a day of fun, plenty food, team bonding and barrier breaking day at the company. We had breakfast and lunch at Bistro 7. I love the interior of the restaurant and it is such a photographer's delight.

I can't give a proper review of the place because of the circumstance surrounding my visit, we were more focused on the event to even bother about food or service delivery at some point tension was running high.

All I can say is that the food was good. As in I over ate, by the time dessert came, there was no more space in the stomach. The main course was the best, sadly I did not get to take any pictures of it. The staff were warm and we ordered everything on the menu.

Location: 7th Heaven-273 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island

Price: I have no idea, only the company accountant can talk that one
The food is not for snapping picture oh
A  View of the Intercontinental Hotel

This Ebola Virus

To be honest, I am scared.
This virus which seems to be uncontrollable and with no cure is scaring the shit out of me.

This morning while trying to get on the bus to work, there was this woman standing in front of the door insisting that no one should touch her.

I shook my head, amazed at the reaction and wondered why she was struggling to get on a bus when she did not want to be touched. But then I understand what she is thinking.

Yesterday on my way home, I work my jacket in the bus on in a bid to avoid body contact.
This morning, I was playing in my head a picture of Lagosians paranoid with fear of the virus. Imagining a Lagos where people refuse to get on the bus in fear of contact with an infected person, the streets will be empty. An outbreak of the virus in the Lagos will just be devastating because there no matter how careful one gets, there is no avoiding it except in complete isolation.

Everyday we talk about the virus in the office. This morning, someone suggested that we purchase hand- sanitizers for every staff in the office. I am constantly washing my hands like there is no tomorrow. A colleague was seen opening the door to he office with tissue paper, I refuse to be touched by people.

Sadly our government failed to take action till this epidemic was beyond their control.
I blame the Liberian government for not closing their border the moment they realized the risk of this virus. I blame our government for not taking precautionary measures to prevent this deadly virus. I even blame Patrick Sawyer himself for putting the life of many people at risk knowing he had the disease.

But then again the blame game will help no one. It will not reverse the harm the virus has caused. We all at risk. Below is some of the facts about the virus from DailyMail
I saw the tweet from Donald Trump is calling for a stop to flights coming in from West Africa.

It is unfortunate but then again he has a point. If Nigeria had stopped flights from Liberia, our lives would not have been at risk. We would not be talking about looking for secondary contacts of Patrick Sawyer or using N20 million Naira to build one isolation tent.

Please be safe everyone.


Celebrating Eid

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim faithfuls, May Almighty Allah accept our fasts and prayers as an act of Ibadah.
May we live long to experience as many Ramadan as Allah wills.

This holiday was a really wet one, went for the Eid prayer under the rain and slept for most part of it. My sister, Aisha recently attended makeup classes and every weekend when ever I visit my mum's house, I turn to her muse. This holiday was no different.

This is me doing an outfit of the day on the blog and also to advertise my sister's work

Do enjoy the rest of your week.

Just In: Nikon D3100

My birthday gift to myself this year came in 3 months late.
It took me a while to decide on what I really wanted this year, I was so certain I would get an android phalet till the last moment I made the order on Jumia for the camera.

I have been stalking this camera seen I read the post on Linda Ikeji on a sale for it but for a crazy reason the price did not come down till last week.

This my first time shopping on Jumia and was actually surprised when my order came in 2 working days after.

I am so looking forward to capturing amazing moments with this new baby of mine. It is only a matter of months before the amateur photographer tag will be removed.


Traveloque: Visit to the palace of the Emir of Shonga town

This is a long overdue post.
One of the best things about Kwara State is the diversity of its people. Prior to moving to Ilorin, my knowledge of the geography of the state did not go beyond Ilorin and Offa, was actually surprised to find out that some of the Nupe people (popularly called 'Tapas') also originate from Kwara State.

On Good Friday (April 18th), the team and I visited Shonga town to interview the Emir on a documentary the company was recording for the state government.  We bid a temporary farewell to Ilorin and embarked on the over an hour long journey to Shonga.

The town of Shonga is known as the town where the commercial farmers displaced from Zimbabwe and invited by the Bukola Saraki administration to revolutionize agriculture in the state.
So happy to get a picture with the Emir
I have never met a royal father up close, as in we were all excited to get a picture with the Emir of Shonga.

The Royal Cow

Central Mosque of Shonga, situated right besides the Emir's palace

On our way back to Ilorin, we made a quick de-tour to the market which is open only on Fridays.

Wishing you all a fulfilling week.