Exploring the City: Lekki Conservation Centre

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April 24th, my friends (Sandra, Chinedu, Tayo and Funmi) and I decided to explore the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC). LCC founded in 1990 as a biodiversity conservation and environment education centre  is one of Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) foremost conservation project site. The centre is located between Chevron bus-stop and Ajah roundabout.

I have read about the canopy walk also called a suspension bridge which happens to be Africa's longest canopy walk on a lot of blogs. The bridge is 22.5 ft high at the highest point and 401m long with seven levels and 6 resting bridges.

You see ehen, I have read about how scary the walk is. Actually I thought the talks were exaggerated, until I got on the bridge. Okay it is not that scary, but if you are scared of height, you just might sit this one out.

Sandra led the gang and was forming gangster. Me, I was jejely following behind, alternating last spot with Chinedu. Tayo only got on each step after Sandra and Funmi got off the bridge and insisted Chinedu join from the end when she is halfway through on the bridge. It was fun to watch everyone's anxiety. We laughed at each other and kept talking about "who send us message" to get on the bridge. Asides the moment when one "elemikemi" girl decided to start dancing and running on the bridge, I was fine. My wrist hurt at the end of the walk but I cannot complain.

The highlight of the tour was the canopy walk, we saw 2 huge fish ponds, and the amazing monkeys, There is this large expanse which is just not properly utilized, like there are so many ideas that can be developed.

Canopy walk ticked off my bucket list, when I visit Ghana I hope I have liver to go on the canopy walk there as well.

Have you been to LCC since the launch of the canopy walkway or any other walkway somewhere in the world? What was your experience like?

Until my next adventure.

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I believe I have said most of what there is to say about this trip in the previous post, Togo: A Hidden Gem. Togo is a recommended destination and, like any incomplete story- I am definitely returning to this beautiful nation.

Until my next post.