Just In: Nikon D3100

My birthday gift to myself this year came in 3 months late.
It took me a while to decide on what I really wanted this year, I was so certain I would get an android phalet till the last moment I made the order on Jumia for the camera.

I have been stalking this camera seen I read the post on Linda Ikeji on a sale for it but for a crazy reason the price did not come down till last week.

This my first time shopping on Jumia and was actually surprised when my order came in 2 working days after.

I am so looking forward to capturing amazing moments with this new baby of mine. It is only a matter of months before the amateur photographer tag will be removed.


Traveloque: Visit to the palace of the Emir of Shonga town

This is a long overdue post.
One of the best things about Kwara State is the diversity of its people. Prior to moving to Ilorin, my knowledge of the geography of the state did not go beyond Ilorin and Offa, was actually surprised to find out that some of the Nupe people (popularly called 'Tapas') also originate from Kwara State.

On Good Friday (April 18th), the team and I visited Shonga town to interview the Emir on a documentary the company was recording for the state government.  We bid a temporary farewell to Ilorin and embarked on the over an hour long journey to Shonga.

The town of Shonga is known as the town where the commercial farmers displaced from Zimbabwe and invited by the Bukola Saraki administration to revolutionize agriculture in the state.
So happy to get a picture with the Emir
I have never met a royal father up close, as in we were all excited to get a picture with the Emir of Shonga.

The Royal Cow

Central Mosque of Shonga, situated right besides the Emir's palace

On our way back to Ilorin, we made a quick de-tour to the market which is open only on Fridays.

Wishing you all a fulfilling week.

Little Niece turns 1

Last week my sister's kid, Faridah turned 1 and we decided to celebrate the day for her last Saturday. Because it is the month of Ramadan, the ceremony was low key and only kids in the neigbourhood was invited.

My sister does not usually take her daughter out, so the little kid is not used to seeing so many people. Usually Faridah plays on her own and does not like it when people try to carry her, but on this day, babe was just terrified to see so many people. Getting her to take pictures was something else, she was just crying. Even the cake was not enough attraction for her.
See as she spoil mouth for photo

Here is wishing our little princess, Allah's Rahma, long life and great health.


Scammed by Scarlett

So for the first time in my life I walked out of a cinema before the end of a movie.
As in I even tried and watched for 1 hour, by the time my friends and I got up to leave, 98% of the people in the hall had walked out.

This is how I was scammed by Scarlett. Usually when I go to the cinema, I already have a movie in my head or I make sure to read the brochure provided before choosing a movie. But on this date, the excitement of seeing my friends Sandra and particularly  Laura after a long time did not allow me follow my usual routine. So while glancing through the brochure, we came across Scarlett's face and decided her movie will be a good watch.

We should have suspected the scam the moment we got into the cinema hall minutes after scheduled start time and the movie had still not started.

30 minutes into the movie, we had no idea what was going on, as in I can count the numbers of words Scarlett said in that movie. At some point, Laura asked me what was going on and I replied, "you no see say he enter water". The lady besides me burst laughter.

The longest dialogue in the movie was the one between Scarlett and the  man who has facial neurofibromatosis disfigurement.

One message I could pick from the movie is that na woman go kill some men. 
The visuals are good and Scarlett is one beautiful woman, you also get to see a naked Scarlett that is if it is not her body double that was used sha. 

The movie was just too weird and instead of getting under my skin left me confused. I wished I could go back to collect my money. I swear that is 1 hour of my life that I cannot take back gone.

I did not get it at all , reading up the synopsis online after, I got the plot but while watching you have no idea what is going on. This is definitely not a movie worth cinema time.

This is so the last time I shall be scammed by Scarlett.
Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim faithfuls around the world


Nigerian roads: The bane of Travel tourism

We woke up to a terrible news in the family this Sunday.
An uncle lost his first son to the roads of Ikirun.
He was a 13 years old going on 14 years old student of The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School, Ota.
He had gone on excursion with his school mates to Ikogosi warm spring. He actually got to see the spring but he never made it home to give his family details of the trip.

According to reports, the tyre of the bus busted and somersaulted, he  and another female student died on the spot, other passengers are currently in the hospital with various degrees of injuries.

Some have wondered why I have not explored a lot of places in Nigeria as much as I should but I tell you the roads are bad. Bad is putting it mildly, the roads are terrible. A trip which should take one few minutes would turn into hours due to the terrible roads.

Travelling is a beautiful thing, especially when you do not have to worry about bad roads, robbery and kidnappings. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of natural landscapes waiting to be discovered. The joy of sharing those moments captured with family and friends, knowing they are green with envy wishing they were in your shoes.

But no one wishes to be in your shoes when tragedy struck, then you hear such words as, 'She too dey waka waka', "her yansh no dey stay one place". In the case of this little boy, people were talking about how they can never allow their child go on excursions.

When I lived in Ilorin, the Oyo-Ogbomosho road used to give me headaches, I was always in fear while passing that road. Even if I was asleep, the moment the car steps on that road, my eyes would fly open.

Last month, I spent 5 hours traveling to and fro a road in Kwara state that should not have taken me more than 1 hour.

A lot of lives has been lost on our roads, now my mum has warned my younger sister "never in her life ask her for money to go on any school excursion".

Travelling around Nigeria would be fun if only the roads were motorable.

May your soul rest in peace, Oluwapelumi Bakre


Entrepreneurs Don'ts: Underpay your staffs

Source: Lifehack Quotes

I can't help but agree with words in the picture above.
If you pay peanuts, you can never get the best employee, and even if you do by chance get a really great employee, it is only a matter of time before he/she moves on to 

A lot of Nigerian employers believe they are doing their employees a favour by paying them salaries not now talk of a fair salary.
The whole essence of any working is to take care of their physiological needs (going all Maslow hierarchy of needs). If an employee is not able to take care of this, there is no way on earth he/she will give the best your company needs. 

An underpaid staff will never deliver to the best of his/her potential
An underpaid staff is always on the look out for the next best thing, his/her is not 100% at work. And worst, he/she will spend the time you are paying peanuts for to look for another job.

As an entrepreneur, you might think you are reducing cost, but in the long run it will affect the business.  Imagine having to source and train new employees every 6 months or 1 year. A lot of productive hours will be lost.

If you underpay a staff and he/she does not leave your company be rest assured that staff has no where else to move to.


It's a wrap

Ilorin Central Mosque

My love affair with Ilorin came to an end on 1st of June.
10 months after, I moved all my 'kaya' from the town that I called home.
The journey was  not smooth sailing but then had developed me and made me a better person.

I miss rolling out of my bed at 7am to report to work at 8am.
I miss the simple less stressful life I lived.
But then, it was time to move on and grow.

I got stuck in a rut.
I must say, I never did 'fit in' in Ilorin.
I was always that Lagos girl who was used to a fast paced of getting things done and proactiveness.
Ilorin is laid back and the people always asked, 'Kini karamo mi'
In as much as I am not a fan of the madness called Lagos, Ilorin is not a town I would love to settle down in.
I am just not of that life.

I got to spend my last week travelling round Kwara, visited my maternal grandfather's hometown in Offa, made it to the border town of Nigeria and Benin Republic 'Chikanda', ate cold suya in a town called 'Okuta'.

Lagos is home again, for how long I do not know...only the future can answer that.

Wishing you all a fulfilling and  successful month of June.


Visit to Ikogosi warm spring through my lens

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Next stop on my easter travel list after Idanre hills was the Ikogosi warm spring in Ekiti State.

To be honest, I was not wowed by Ikogosi warm spring.
For one who had been itching to travel to the much talked about warm and cold spring resort , I was slightly disappointed.

The warm water was barely warm, my host mentioned that since the refurbishment, the warm water had since been affected.
The warm water was supposed to be boiling hot, but sadly something is just not right any more.
I was glad the trip was not solo, would have been sad.

When I mentioned my planned itinerary to my host in Akure, she decided to drive me and her family down to Ikogosi. She was surprised I planned a trip and with plans to travel alone, it is unusually for a girl she said.

Asides from the spring, there is nothing left to see in the resort, but I must say it is the perfect place for a family's day out or if you are into picnics and all, then Ikogosi is the place for you.

I love the swimming pool but sadly I can't swim .

I was also told the place formally had a zoo which has since been closed down after one of the animals attacked a human.

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
Don't understand why this picture decided to turn itself
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort
My host and I
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm springs resort
Ikogosi warm spring resort

Ikogosi warm spring resort

Have you been to Ikogosi warms spring resort? Would you like to visit?