7th Month in Ilorin

Its been 7 months since I moved Ilorin.

Everyday the city keeps revealing its many sides

My life has been a rollercoater…I have learnt so much about this being called me.

I have been in and out of a relationship I should never have gotten into.

I no longer miss Lagos but this town does not feel like home, a friend says my legs are itching again.

Life here is really cheap and every time I visit Lagos I am always angry at the way my finances just go down. My co-workers tell me I am used to an expensive life that is why I am always going to eat one thousand naira sharwama or spending Eight hundred naira on Amala at Iya yusuf's place.

I gained back in 2 weeks all the weight I lost in 10 months during the Christmas break visit to Lagos

I live in a private hostel owned by one of my mum’s neighborhood friends back in Lagos whom my sisters and I called Americanah. I cant wait to move out of this place. I am people wondering if I am some undergrad or some small small children making noise every night disturbing my sleep.House hunting is not fun in this town. The slightly good places are built for the student population and the really good ones are just too expensive.

I cherish the love-hate relationship with my co-workers. It is not easy been HR oh, not easy managing grown assed men and women who refuse to grow up. My oga is using style to turn me to script writer, I am actually supposed to be writing a documentary script right now but I just don't know where to turn the end of the whole write-up.

I need a social life, I need friends I can visit and places to go...for now my life revolves around work.

How long will I be in this town, I don't know.

Was actually looking forward to starting my masters in Unilag later this year but nowadays I don't know if I want to uproot my life and be finance dependent on anyone one again. Nothing beats earning your own money.

I cherish the last night and weekend discussions with my next door neighbor and the hostel manager. Nowadays I am talking politics and actually know what is happening in country.

From Ilorin, the city I call home for now

Molara Brown


  1. Thank you for visiting my site...enjoy reading your travelogue....Ilorin is called the 'civil servant state' as am told, hence things are cheaper unlike lasgidi.....HR?....Me-hn, e no easy o.

  2. Sounds like you're growing. ilike

  3. Love this. Make a trip to Niger state there is a waterfall close to Minna (Learnt that during service year) That should be fun, I guess.

  4. i'm looking for work* outside Lagos-Ilorin, Abeokuta, Ibadan..... i wonder if i'd cope! I've been a Lagosian all my life

  5. Funny how this piece just transports me smack into Ilorin...and your late night quiet discussions with your neighbour....Update your blog Lara!

    Noticed the LOL brand thing going on...witty...i like!

    Could have sworn i had commented on this piece before???