A Recruiter' plea to applicants

Dear Applicant,

I know you are desperate to start earning your own money and live the life you have always dreamt of since childhood. I know what it is like to see that look of disappointment on your parents face wondering if all the money spent on your education has not gone down the drain.

But do you know you would save yourself a lot of stress and probably get a job faster when you stop applying randomly to jobs you are not qualified for or jobs in cities you know you would not move to.

You would make the life of recruiters like myself easier when we do not have to waste our time throwing your resume to trash or finding out when we call you that you do not have any intention to move out of your current cities.

I and every other recruiters around the world need you to start reading the job descriptions properly, be sure you are qualified especially when it is not an entry level position and that you are ready to move to that city which was clearly stated  in the job advert.

I hate when I finally get a profile which I believe is a good fit and I give the person a call and I get the 'Oh I did not realize the opening is in Ilorin or I can't move to Ilorin' answer. Evil me wish I could just send a slap to the person for wasting my time and my credit.

Those of you who manufacture experiences and skills or should I say 'spice up' your resume, God is watching you with 3D oh. Imagine been so excited about a profile and you call the person for interview and he or she does not even know nada about the skill on the perfectly written CV.

You need to be in our shoes to understand our plight, we are not mean people who do not want to give you jobs but then we need to give our employers the best which they require.

I would love it if you make my job easier, biko I am begging you ni o, mi o shako.

And I wish you all the best in your job search.

From Ilorin, the city I call home for now

Molara Brown


  1. Sigh. I can imagine how annoying that would be

  2. I cannot help laughing, though you made valid points.

    You see, there is this mentality or should I say impression, that as a graduate one can do any job, since one can be trained and learn more on the job. And like permutation, one should apply randomly, that eventually something must click or gel!

    You know before the clean-up in banks, it was not only graduates that studied finance related course worked there...so there is this 'hope' that it might happen again.

    More-over, employers expectations can be un-realistic! Esp the 'age' ...with the constant strike and NYSC delays some cannot meet the citeria... and what of experience?...some asking 5 years from a 26 year old graduate!

    Come on ehn, understand the applicants view also, so abeg no dey vex for them, man must wack nah, and brukata dey wait for ground brekete!

    e kpele. keep up with the good job and laugh over it sometimes.

  3. Lol.

    I feel your 'pain' jare but one cant blame them too much given the situation in the country. I found out most of the applicants around just do 'copy and paste'; CV templates boku on the internet, they just pack all sorts and put on their CVs. Ask them specific questions and fuel would just dry up. It always help to come clean on your skills and competence level.

  4. Hii, If there is someone that is willing to come to illorin? What does she have to do?