If only...

Why do they always leave
When they ask me what is wrong,
and I say nothing.
Why do they not ask me again
They only ask me once and
When I say nothing, they walk away.

Why do you walk away
Why do you not ask me again.
Why don't you pester me to tell you,
What is wrong with me.

I have been pacing around the house.
I have been clumsy,
Dropping plates and splilling food and water.

My heart is heavy
I want to talk
But nobody is ready to listen
I know you ask me what is wrong
Yet your eyes tell me you are not interested in knowing
You ask just to ask
You just want to fulfill all righteousness
So that when they ask
You will say I asked but she said nothing

Ask me one more time
Pester me
and I will tell you what is wrong
I shall confide in you
Even though you will not be able to bear my burden
nor make light my pain.

If only you had asked one more time
maybe you would have been able to stop the disaster that is about to happen.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. hmmm...so deep
    But it's said that a problem shared is a problem halved...sharing once someone asks may be helping

  2. Hmmm...thoughtful and i think a resonate feeling for most of us. If u eva wanna talk tho,hit me up...tho i'd charge per second sha!

  3. The end bit sounds like emotional blackmail from the character in the poem. They have difficulty communicating but are not taking full responsibility for dealing with the problem and their pain also.

    Interesting piece.

  4. Lara, you should read my latest post.

    I caught all that you expressed... but is that from you or just musing ideas into poetry?

    - LDP

  5. @LDP just musing ideas into a poem

  6. oh wow! oh wow!!
    deep stuff :)

  7. Great read...and deep thoughts.

  8. pls add me to your blog roll