A friend of mine once said that most people on the street of Lagos are mad, just that their madness has not degenerated to the regular naked mad man eating from the dustbin.

It all started when this woman seeing in the front row, a child strapped to her back with the twin positioned on her lap offered the conductor 10Naira for a 20Naira bus fare. The conductor refused and told his driver who also bluntly refused. as is with Nigerian drivers, this is an opportunity for him to start talking anyhow.

Can't tell if it was a fellow passenger that gave the woman the extra 10Naira or she brought it out from her bag, she squeezed the money into the conductors hand.

Unknown to the driver that she has paid her correct fare, he continue talking that if she had told him it was another matter, she entered and sat and is not offering him 10Naira.

The woman then responded that it was enough oh, that she has paid the money...

The next we heard was Thunder fire you from the driver and the exchange of words and curse began and...gbam, a slap on the driver’s face. He almost lost control of the wheel, and then he packed.

You dey craze, he said...shey you wan beat me she replied, dropping the twin on her lap and standing, ready for a show down. You dey craze, I be your wife wey you dey curse me...I never pay you your money.

The driver to the conductor, oya give her money make she come down.

Shey na for here you carry me, I no dey come down...I wan see wetin you wan do She said, sitting down.

The look on my face as well as the others was that of shock, as in I could not even laugh. When I heard the slap...in my head I was like see ‘were’. I have seen drivers and passengers insult themselves and say worse things to each other, but this one get k-leg. When one of the passengers tried to talk to the woman, she turned and wanted to start cursing that one, na so she padlock her mouth.

Everyone sha begged the driver, who obviously is not a violent man, to carry us to our destination. I can only but imagine if she had tried it with some other man, I am sure it is her dead body the husband will come to carry.

Some women sabi pass dem boundary no be small.

♥ Lara 

Molara Brown


  1. "Some women sabi pass dem boundary no be small." Absoplutely correct, however, in this situation, i dare to disagree.

    "The woman then responded....she has paid the money..."
    "...next we heard was Thunder fire you from the driver..."

    In life we ought to choose carefully before we pick our battles. The woman informed the driver she had paid yet, the driver CHOSE to still do battle....

  2. The point where she passed her boundary for me was when she slapped the man, I mean they where both insulting each other.
    Also, she slaps a man driving, at the detriment of other peoples lives. If the man had not gotten over his shock quickly, na too dey talk another story be that.

  3. I'm with rethots on this one. The driver was too shocked to respond to the slap as he had met his match!

    The way you described the scene, I could almost see it. You heard the slap "gbam". Lol. I miss that Eko 'Were', I no go lie. Nowhere else like it.

  4. This is hilarious, how I wish I was there to see this. I always knew Nigerian women won't take kindly to insults but I guess i under rated their reactions. Lol!

  5. I do not support the woman hitting the driver but he stepped over the line. This post should have been titled drivers talking anyhow.

  6. 'i am a danfo driver swor..
    shebi u be danfo driver swor'

    *i miss lag mehn'

    BTW i dont support d driver sha

  7. hilarious! but she shouldnt have slapped him, ppl could hv gotten hurt

  8. lol...that woman is strong oh...with two young kids, she was still ready for a showdown? Not exemplary behaviour...the slap was not warranted, neither were the driver's irate comments...but thank God it didn't degenerate further.