MASS WEDDING + Give-away

I had almost boycotted the wedding.
I was informed 3days to the date.
Bride and I see eachother almost everyday, but she kept the news to her self.
Even when I was telling her a mutual friend had invited me to his son's first year birthday and I should invite her if she was available she still did not open her mouth to give me the news.
My aunt informed me the next day and my attendance was expected.
I was angry and decided to show face only so as not to have family drama and stories of jealousy spring up.

I was given 3days notice and I was angry
Her Stepmother was given a day's notice, the woman did not bother showing up
Her half brother was called by her father that day, He showed up because he had nothing important to do.

Besto got married in a registry, which was in everyway like every normal church/trad wedding
Was shocked at the manner of wedding that took place at the Ikeja Registry.

For the 1st time in my life I witnessed a mass wedding.
When the five couples were told to all enter the hall, we wondered
One of the reason they had elected to use the Ikeja Registry is because someone told them the Ikeja and Ikoyi registry are the only Embassies recognized marriage courts in tue that is I do not know.
So I guessed the idea of a mass wedding is because, too many people want to get married in said registry.
There were about five batch of five couples.
The whole wedding ceremony lasted about 30mins.
If I ever have to do a court marriage abi is it wedding, the Ikeja Registry is so ruled out
That place is suitable for couple who do no have the support of their families and just want to tie the knot at all means
I just finished reading Helon Habila's Measuring Time...I love it and I would love share I am having a give-away...all you have to do is follow the blog and comment on this post...

watch this space for the lucky winner...
Turns out I am still six more post to reach 100th post, my reader was reading 100th bad but the give-away still stays

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. got it on friday, but havent read it yet. i pray i find time to sha.

  2. hmmm ... it says a lot about you that you still made it to the wedding ... thumbs up!!!

    congrats on getting to 100 ... great feat i think ..........

  3. Was reading that at some point...never did get to finish it*

    Lovely week!

  4. lol.. mass weddings? Must save on costs too though i think... I've read Measuring Time... Totally enjoyed it too...

  5. lol...Abeg I want the book sha...good thing u went for d wedding....& isnt it just annoying when people keep things like that to themselves.

  6. mass wedding + 3days notice= smh

    will love to read that book,thanks for sharing,dear :)

  7. Whats the book about? - Time management?

    I have never witnessed a Registry wedding before in my life, so I found it hard to see the picture you tried painting....

    Nigerians are like that nau... they don't wait people to know about their successes until late. I don't blame the person. She even get step mother sef... no be her fault o.

    - LDP

  8. Yay, someone is doing a book giveaway! You go girl. I loved MT though it took slow going to get through the beginning.

  9. FIrst time here :) congrats on your 100th post...
    I've attended a registry wedding twice though not the mass wedding but about 10 different sets. I would love to read the book :)

  10. Emmmm, u berra pass me o, cos three days notice when i see you everyday, just doesnt "werk" for me, well, unless the day turns out to be boring for me that i wud, bad me right?

    Seems like Measuring time would be a good read...gotta add it to my list of books to buy.

  11. yayyy,i hate that secrecy business-can be annoying. I mean,its fine if i dnt av2 show up in the end,but at 3days notice,u r totally on ur own!!!!
    Avnt read the book,so u can pass it over2 urs truly???Double winks!