When I say men are perverts, my friends would say I am using a strong word.
If this dude is not a pervert, then why would he send me such a dumb message on facebook. and please what is sex loving about this my picture.

This is some dude i do not know from adam and the only opinion he could form of me judging from the picture is that i like sex.

The dude's name is Ibrahim S-deen and these are content of his message: "It seem you like sex,,,you can drop me your number"

What an insult and Abeg which kind maddness be this, even if I like sex what is your stupid and perverted business.
And please in that picture, did you see them naked or on top of each other.
This is a simple picture of a couple in love who are both sharing a passionate kiss and that is the message i get of the picture not sex.
They say a picture speaks a thousand words and dude the words it is speaking to you is sex and because you have a perverted mind, you would assume that it is a reflection of my state of mind.

If you are looking for free sex, don't you know the road to a hotel or sign up to all them porn site and am sure you would get the chick you need. you are so lucky you said this a site, if you had said this to me in person, i would have poured some hot water with pepper inside and if possible break bottle on you head...

For now am consoled with the fact that facebook has blocked any form of contact between us... and hope all other pervert idiots like you are removed from the site.

Molara Brown

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