Oga Madam...Written 24-03-2010

The people of Ejigbo-Isolo, just love been in the news...and the news self is always death related.
Since this week started, I have been getting to work pretty late and the earliest i have entered that office is 9.30.
Today, a thief was mobbed and burnt to death on the road and the traffic was mad...It was actually a standstill. After waiting in the bus for more an hour, I finally carried my leg and joined the troop marching down the road, even those on the bike had to come down and joined the marching troop. No road for the Okada men to even squeeze themselves.

When people get to the spot where the dude was burnt, they would park their car/okada/leg and look and exclaim, rain curse on the dead thief before fianlly making way for the next batch coming along not minding the fact that they were already late for work or wherever it is they are going to or that some people like actually are not interested in drama and have Ogas waiting for us at work. The Lastma officials were jejely minding their own business and not interested in arresting or even cautioning anybody. Even the police officers could not be bothered.

Finally I entered the office, at 10mins to 10, luckly for me, my colleque who also lives at Ejigbo, arrived some minutes before me, so the reason for my lateness was accepted. Oga Madam was coming to the office, so we had to make sure every thing was in order and in place.

I have never met her till some minutes back, but I have heard so much, my ear was filled...Every one in this office is in awe of her. Even her bankers self fear the woman, least she vex carry her account comot for their bank...After the numerous meeting, she called for the new girl which is me.

The woman just dey fire me questions, It was more like she was interviewing me all over again...She asked for my last place of work, what it was I was doing, what the coy was into, no be small thing. From what I found out, I am the only staff in her coy whose recruitment, she knew nothing about...It was MD who interviewed me.
At some point She asked my colleque if she was difficult to work with, abeg wetin she expect make the poor lady say, that she is difficult.
My first meeting with her so far is good and I hope to have a smooth sail with her while am here, because am told being on the wrong side of the page is not a good option

Molara Brown

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