Go Slow

Traffic in my end has been crazy since yesterday. My jouney of one hour is taking me close to two hours now. The bus are no where to be found because they are stuck in traffic. This is no traffic jam or hold up, this is snail crawling go slow with no end in sight. This go slow is not the one cause by the road construction at Cele express, that one is another story on its own, this is one which has been the bane of any one who stays in Ikotun and its environs.

There are no of Lastma officials on the road, the Police men have ceased to exist...they have been the one saving us from the obviously Aro-bound never patient drivers who daily use that road.

"where all this Lastma people come go" asked a man
"Dem say them kill person on friday" said the woman sitted beside me
"Talk true" asked another
and the gist started....

The gist of the matter, that is, the reason for the sudden dissapearance of the Lastma official is that there was a clash between them and an Okada rider/Igbo trader. I did not get the full gist but according to story, The Okada man crossed after the Lastma guy had stopped the guys line of moving traffic, true to lastma, the official tried to arrest the dude, the dude in his effort to avoid arrest slapped the lastma official. The Lastma official in annoyance hit the guy on his chest and the dude fell down and died on the spot. Wahala sha started and all Lastma officials at that point were given the beating of their life. Even the police officials were not spared, all the suppressed anger of the commuters came to the playing field and they okada riders where just venting their anger mercilessly.

Some said the Lastma official had on a charmed ring, which he used in hitting the guy
others said he had an heart attack. whichever is true, only the autopsy will tell the truth. But would autopsy determine if the guy was charmed. Obviously the dude had a heart failure but the Lastma official due to his impatience is the scape goat.

Guess we have to continue suffering till they clear the matter and I hope it is not for too long.

Molara Brown


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    Na wa i didn't know all that was going on over there. Take it easy and be safe out there.

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