Oh, Hello 30!

Oh hello there,
So happy you are finally here.
I've been waiting on you for some time now.
Ever since I turned 25 I must say.
I felt you over my shoulder this last few months.
I saw your shadow in front of me with each decision and every step I made.

Since the first of January 2015, everyone has always reminded me that you were coming.
I should get married someone of them said.
What are you doing still single, some asked.
What is the next step for you?, I heard.
The pressure has been insanely crazy, but I have been "unlooking".
I shall not be pressured to do that which I am not ready for.

My 20′s have been great
My 20's was about learning who I am, finding my voice and learning how to use it.
The past decade was about me, and I am ready for this next one to be about much more.

Dear 30,
You are my milestone year.

I want you to be about finding love and building my own family.
I am ready for this turning of a page and fully embracing the next chapter of life.
I think we will be good for each other, you and I.
I see us accomplishing a lot together
I see us embarking on a lots of adventures together and evolving together.

My spirit welcomes you.
I am humbled at the wisdom that comes with you.
I do not know what lies on the road ahead of me, but I will embrace it all.
So, let’s do this. Here’s to thirty!


Molara Brown


  1. Happy Birthday Lara! Enjoy your new age

  2. Blessings to you and may your aspirations for this new phase of your life be achieved and fulfilled in Jesus name.

  3. Happy Birthday!! More birthday picturessss

  4. Happy birthday in arrears. My this new decade of your life be a thousand times better than the previous one.

    Atilola's World

  5. Happpy Birthday!
    Love your attitude towards the new decade... one I hope to have and more..full of joy and filled with wisdom, ready to move into the "more" God has for us...yes, happy new year to you!

  6. Wow Lara, you would have to write a poem for me on my next birthday which is July. We have a lot in common and I am the male and christian version of you and twenty-one years older. Otherwise we have a lot in common and share a lot of interests not least the AIESEC connection and the passion for travel. I am not from a middle class background like you but I consider myself now as middle class having extricated myself from my parents working class background. I do hope that you will get all your hearts desires at this sweet tender age of 30. When I was your age life was full of dilemmas and uncertainties for me. I have navigated most of the challenges but some still remain not least the recurrent bouts of depression I go through which I don't seem to have found a total cure for. But I am coping with life nevertheless and I am loving it. Good luck.