Underneath the Mask

"To love me, you need to scratch deep beyond the surface. For only then do you find the beautiful soul underneath the mask."
To some I am cold.
Yes I may appear cold, because even though I am a talkative if I am not cool with you. I might not even utter a word to you.

I call myself an "introverted extrovert".
If you are my friend, you know that I am one down to earth person.
I am full of life and adventurous to the best of my ability.

I have been called a bitch countless times.
My profession doesn't help much.
There are just those moments when I have to stop been sweet Lara and do the dictates of my job.

It's hard to be happy all the time.
Lagos drains you.
Every thing in Lagos leaves you exhausted...the traffic, toxic people, the heat, the humidity.

I learnt to wear this mask of mine a long time ago. It is my shield from pain. Lately silence has been my shield.

People hurt you and get mad at you for keeping quiet.
For not loosing it.
I kind of have a sharp tongue, so I avoid saying that which tongue cannot hold back.

If you are patient with me.
If you will see that soul
Underneath the mask.


Molara Brown

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  1. You come across here as a sweet person oh... No mask! But, I totally get you and the part that Lagos drains? Sigh!!! Apt!