Too Comfortable

I attended a Teleconference with my team-mates and some  HR top-shots of the company across the globe.
One of the service provider was giving a presentation on some reporting tools which they would like the teams to use for the project with we are currently working on. 5minutes into the presentation, One of the attendees interrupted the speaker and told her straight to go learn how to sell a product.

The thing is this Service Provider has been with the company for long, also the tool they were talking about was not  really a new tool but rather a modified version of an already existing tool. The presentation was so relaxed and more like you either take this option since you want something cheaper or we continue to provide you with the existing option which you are complaining about the cost.

Instead on focusing on becoming top players,  these people have gotten comfortable with giving mediocre services and expect the clients to remain quiet about it. My team lead talked about how she is not comfortable renewing their contract since the marketing guy did not leave any good impression on her.

I was chatting with an old friend some weeks back and I asked about his really beautiful girlfriend and he told me they were no longer together. When I asked why, he replied that she got too comfortable in the relationship. When I asked whatever that meant, he said the babe was pretty much a nice level-headed girl when the relationship started and with time, she became rude, over confident and disrespectful.

I get where my friend is coming from, I can't imagine sticking to such a relationship myself. I guess the babe felt she has finally captured his heart and that of the guy's family that she felt she could get away with her actions.

I really don't know why some ladies do this, why would you pretend/hide your behavior just to get a man and unleash when you feel there is no way the man is getting out the relationship. I recently was given gist of a distant family member who while dating  her now-husband used to be very meek and gentle. She endured all the crap the guy and his family had to give. 2months into the marriage, madam change skin, was no longer cooking for the guy, was insulting the guy's mother. She even slapped the guy when he warned her never to insult his mother again. The story was just too crazy for me to deal with.

The danger of getting comfortable in life, business and relationship is that you will end up losing. You might lose it all or if you are lucky you lose some and just might be able to rectify the situation.

If you strive for comfort all the time, you just end up becoming less comfortable in general. ~Jaimie Mantzel

Kisses from Bonn
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I don't think she got too comfortable, I feel that with time, her true character showed.

    We are supposed to be comfortable and relaxed in relationships. We can't be walking on egg-shells, just because we want to make an impression. Its best to just be yourself.

  2. That's some high level complacence from the company! Reminds me of MTN and how they had to up their game when other coys came in to cut their market share. Competition is good :)
    As for spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends, my motto is 'start as you mean to continue'. No pretense pls!!

  3. I say it all the time.....there isnt anything in this life that anybody should get to comfortable with. To me, it comes hand in glove with taking things for granted.

  4. Hmmmm...definitely food for thought, Lara. Taking things for granted could end up being rather costly indeed.

  5. I totally agree with you, we must always put in business, relationships, and life in general