I miss Lasgidi

I have spent the last 2 days holed up in my room. I have not stepped outside my flat since Friday night. Today is Sallah and I have my phone switched off because I do not want to read or listen to my family and friends tell me how much I am missing.

I miss home, I miss my family. I miss celebrating festivals and joys with my family.
But a part of me is not ready to go home. I have not even discussed with my family the possibility of returning home in 2weeks if my visa extension does not work out. I want my visa extension to work out, but a part of me is already doing countdowns. I know my next step, staying longer or leaving in 2weeks does not change that.

I miss Lagos, I miss the noise, I miss the madness, I just do not think I am ready for Lasgidi no matter how much I miss it now.

Molara Brown