Senior Citizens of India

Today, I had to give my seat to a senior citizen of India.
I did not even realize there was a senior citizen section in the bus. I know of the female and male section, disabled people's section. But Senior Citizen section, I was dumbfounded. I had to look around me and realised the people sitting around me were actually all old people. I jejely stood up and had to stand for a long part of the journey.

When the man had said "excuse me, miss", I had looked at him with bad eye and wondered why he was disturbing me and drawing aware my gaze from the book I was reading. When he noticed, I did not understand what he meant, then he said, Senior citizen's section.

I was actually mad, not really because I had to stand but because the man is really not so old, but he realized that was the only way he could get me off the seat. Also the man was not even in the bus for long, and the seat went to some lady is came into the bus later.

enough of my whining, I admire the fact that they actually have respect for their older generation. I can only imagine any one telling me that in Naija. I would only get up for an old person because I feel like it, not because some one will now use the old person ish oh me.

The only thing delaying my visa extension now is electricity bill. I do not have a copy of the flat I registered at the FFRO with, all documents are ready. I requested to change the address to my current address. I was told to go get my rental agreement and also inform my landlord to come and sign at their Hyd office. Without the landlord, no address change will be allowed and without that extension is not possible. I give it to India and bureaucracy, every thing is by the letter. I hope to sort all these ish out by tomorrow, the story is getting too long for me.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I hope you sort everything out. all the best babe :)

  2. Seems a good idea to have an older citizens section on the bus. The UK has them too but it tends to be the first 2 to 4 seats on the bus. most societies do not take care of their older people enough which is a crying shame because collectively, they've contributed more resources to the system to keep it running. So it's only fair that they get some consideration when they are vulnerable.

    Immigration and bureaucracy tire me jare. Trust me, Naija HC UK can make the most patient person mad!

    Anyway, by God's grace it is well with you, dear. Everything will be sorted:)

  3. They do have an older persons section on the UK bus system too, not so much in the US, but buses here are half empty anyway.

    All the best with your extension.

  4. Its nice they take care of old people like that,imagining something like that in a bus here in Nigeria justs makes me laugh. But just like you, most normal naija youths would stand up for a really old person. Good luck

  5. I think it was really nice of you to give up your seat without any fuss. I know some people who are not that old tend to abuse that right, but hey, what matters is that you gave up your seat and that is a good deed that you’ll reap someday.
    As par your immigration status….ha! tell me about it, but I’m praying it will all be sorted out soon and you’ll come back here to post some happy news.