Workplace Bullying

The news has been all over the web for a week now, Radio Personality, Olisa Adibua physically attacked a co-worker, albeit a junior staff of Beat FM. I read the young man's statement. I watched the so called reunion Video on Youtube and all I can see is the fear of a loss of livelihood in the voice and eyes of Dewunmi.

How much could Olisa be bringing in to the company that they cannot afford to sack him for this unruly and unethical behaviour of his. Celebrities in the US have committed lesser crimes and they have paid dearly for it. For crying out loud, the last time I checked he does not own the organization.

What is the Labour union doing about this and why is the Governor of Lagos not saying anything about this. He must have heard the news. Why is everyone accepting this mediocre apology from the Olisa and worse the Management of Beat FM should be ashamed of this charade.

The part that got me cracking is the part of we are best of friends like we were before, like seriously I hope the guy was not reading a script. I do not know the economic situation of the guy for him to have still continued to work in that organization without getting justice for what happened to him. As in there are plenty media organizations in the country. I hope Dewunmi knows he is entitled to compensation from the organization even though he has refused to press charges.

I have witnessed verbal attack in the workplace. I have been verbally bullied by a former boss before and I was so relieved when the project we were working on was over and I jejely left the organization. I have witnessed worse verbal attacks but never physical attack. I once asked a man who was verbally attacked by his boss why he could not quit and he told me I could only imagine quitting as an option because I was more or less still been fed by my parents. He had families to take care of, bills to pay, so quitting because his boss had verbally attacked him was no option. So I guess this is Dewunmi's situation, because I do not want to believe a gun was put to his head and he started yarning gibberish like he is doing in the video

I just hope Olisa does not remove someone else's eye or commit murder on the premises of Beat FM before they realise they should sack him.

They have said we should mind our own business, case has been settled internally. So I hereby 'me su onu' my mouth.

Incase you missed the statement and video, you can read and watch below.

Adewunmi Oyekanmi’s Official Statement

My name is Adewunmi Oyekanmi, news editor with the Beat 99.9 Fm.
An incident occurred at my work place within the early hours of the 8th of Sep 2011 between myself and another member of staff which has been blown out of proportion in the media.
I have been wrongfully quoted in various blogs and magazines, but this will be my first official statement and the last, so please disregard anything you might have seen, heard or read.
The incident in question has been dealt with to my satisfaction by the Management of Megalectrics, operators of The Beat 99.9 Fm, in a swift and conclusive manner.
The member of staff (Mr Olisa Adibua) with whom I had the altercation with, has duly apologized most sincerely and I have accepted, based on the fact that since I started working at the station, my relationship with the said party has always been cordial and friendly.
In reference to a purported conversation between myself and an undercover reporter, I’d like to state categorically that I have never had a phone conversation or granted any interview to any media or reporter.
What transpired was an internal matter which was leaked into the public domain to create division within our corporate entity. I refuse to be used as a pawn or be labelled ‘the voiceless or oppressed’.
Megalectrics, the operators of the beat 99.9fm employed me in the capacity of news editor in July 2010, and ever since I have had no cause to complain about the working environment, my colleagues or superiors.
We operate an open system where everyone is free to speak their minds, regardless of rank of hierarchy.
Once again, I’d like to reiterate that the matter has been resolved and the member of staff has apologized for the altercation we had.
In conclusion, I would like this issue to be extinguished so I can get back to my normal every day life, as the recent publications and rumors circulating have put a strain on my family and private life.
I would like to thank the management and staff of Megalectrics for the swift and decisive response to the matter. I would also like to thank everyone who showed concern. I’d like to reassure you that I am okay and in good health as is confirmed by my attached photo.
These are my final words on the subject.
Thank you very much and God bless.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. It is so sad. We employees have no body to protect us. We live in a country where anything goes. One day, monkey will go to market and will not return

  2. I saw the video too and I shook my head. I hope he is getting some good compensation is all I can say.

  3. Funny. I wonder how much he was paid. As far as I'm concerned, Olisa doesn't seem bothered at all. He knows nothing will happen to him. Sad.

  4. Did Myne just say compensation? In Naija, the compensation for such is this video you have just seen; #thatisall. Only if He wants to lose His job. The Olisa guy may just have his head chopped off. He is a star u know and in Nigeria, anything can happen. IF Boko Haram can bomb UN sec, anything can happen o..

    - LDP

  5. first time here and i love love love your blog. think ill start taking lectures on blogging from yu. tanks for dropping by my blog
    about d bully, i just wish they teach him a lesson he wont forget

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  7. wow, Nigeria is improving...atleast people are beginning to raise eyebrows to issues like this

  8. this is just really really sad! i'm so disappointed in Olisa, and the Nigerian criminal justice system as a whole :(

  9. It is absolutely disgusting! I am not for one second buying the whole reunion and "everything is fine" act. Like tufia! I guess Dewummi has to eat but please the workplace ethic is ridiculous. How can someone beat someone else's child up like that and not face any kind of disciplinary action? In fact...I have no words.