Travelogue-Indian Attraction: Visakhapatnam (The Jewel of the East Coast)

Sometimes old things need to go away. That way, we have room for the new things that come into our lives. ~Randy K. Milholland 
This is my guiding quote for the month, happily lifted from Blogoratti 's blog. Wishing everyone a wonderful month.

Biko T.Notes, why are you harassing me now. My post at the beginning of Ramadan says gone till September and I still succeeded in have 3 posts up. Oya, I have updated the blog oh.

At the rate at which I am going, this babe will be penniless by the time I go back to Nigeria. 3things take away my money nowadays, Travels, Books and Shoes (side-eye to any raised eyebrow).

The first time, I heard of Visakhapatnam (Vizag) was in March, when I had told a former colleague that I would like to explore the state of Andhra Pradesh asides Hyderabad where I live and he suggested Vizag. It was love at 1st view. I almost cancel the trip like I have done in the last 4months when I couldn't get train tickets. Thank God for foreigner's quota, I was able to get train tickets out of Hyderabad, getting tickets back to Hyderabad was another wahala, waiting list for train was up to 50, there was no available bus ticket for 4th of September back to Hyderabad. We had to cut the trip short by a day and leave Vizag on the 3rd.

off to Vizag
Secunderabad Train station

off to Vizag: In the train.

Welcome to Visakhapatnam

Vizag Train station

Simhachalam Temple
Indian women

In the cable car

Rishikonda Beach

The SubMarine Museum
The Fishing Harbor

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. That sculpture in the picture with the Indian women and then you is simply amazing! And is that roasted corn I see?

  2. @Myne: It is roasted corn abi?

    Nice pictures Lara.

  3. Great photos you got there...keep your head up!

  4. Great pics! I'm especially loving the one of the ladies in the sari. Vizag looks very interesting- I hope to make it to India one day!

  5. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Nigerians who are interested in travel... The experience of seeing, hearing and tasting new things builds so much character... It's almost unbelievable that something so simple can teach you so much.

    That's one half. The other half is insanely jealous. I really want to go to India. I don't like you. :(

  6. Beautiful places I tell you. Erm.. would have loved to put on my travel cap but I guess that'd be after my wedding... I'd do that with Dudushewa :)

    - LDP

  7. Oh this is beautiful. the sculptures are amazing truly.

    p.s. I totally agee with F and M about travel.

    p.p.s Are those snails in the 15th picture or small carvings?