Who is training our boys???

Who is training our boys,
Who is there to mould them into morally conscious leaders of tomorrow?
Who is investing in mentoring our boys?
What are we doing to our young men?

No one is there to guide them any more
No one to discipline them any more,
No one is there to teach our boys to be the leaders we require tomorrow.

Mothers have failed them, the society has forsaken them. They have no one to turn to and they have found solace is different kind of vices.

Our boys have become rapist, murderers, armed robbers, paedophiles, fraudsters. Our boys are completely lost and confused, they have become lazy and are weaklings of their own emotions.

We all heard the story of the rape, how five boys raped a girl for over an hour and recorded it, passed it on to their friends and people have sat down to waste one hour of their live watching the agony of a girl, mocking the sorrow of someone's daughter.

Rape on our campuses is not a new thing in Nigeria, particularly this manner of rape. The doom of the boys was that they recorded it and hopefully the girl will get justice is this our kwashiokor justice system.

We have heard various reason why the girl was raped, one says she insulted one of the boys and she was waylaid and raped. The other says she met one of the boys online, said dude has been paying for her bis and sending her money. She decided to visit him in school and bam, she was raped.

The first reason given is popular in our cultism filled campuses. We have all heard the gists, even though we never got to confirm them. Any girl who dares raise an eyebrow or talks back to the boys is punished with rape.

Some idiots are screaming all over the place asking why she would follow the boy to his hostel or where ever the incident occurred. In the second instance given is a betrayal of trust, I believe one of the basis of friendship is trust. For one who has more male than female friends, I believe the only reason I would follow a male friend to his house is because I trust he values our friendship. If this girl and one of the boys were friends, then her trust in him failed her.

 Ayo Shonaiya 

As Nigerians, our attitude 2 sex & women has jaundiced our view of rape as sometimes punishment but not a crime.

I cannot help but agree with the above tweet, I read some tweets and comments which said some girls deserves to be raped and one which says the rape should be a lesson to us girls.

I still stick to my belief that we are a nation of pretentious people filled with much venom in our veins. It is so sad that we have become an insensitive nation, a nation of people whose soul have become empty to the plights of victims of such vice. We sit down and point accusing fingers, till it happens to someone we know. then it will not be the victim's fault, because she is our own, our blood, it is then we call for justice. But when the victim is someone's daughter, we castigate her, call her name, curse her and forget that whatever happened is never her fault.

Yesterday, I had a discussion on the issue with some members of the Nigerian community here in Hyderabad, they  were able to download and watch 11minutes of the video and even have it stored on their systems. They were also of the opinion that the video did not tell rape and one question I put to them was can they as men sleep with a girl for over 1hour and not lose their energy. In this case we are not even talking of one man, we are talking of about 5men and you tell me the girl is not screaming, she did not put up enough fight.

In Nigeria, our men blame we ladies for wearing skimpy clothes. excuses such as the mode of dressing is what seduces them. At least in India, I know the ladies do not dress indecently, yet the number of rape here is alarming. I have read of more than 70years old women been raped in the nation's capital, abi is the old woman also provocatively dressed. In the so called Islamic Nations, women in hijabs are getting raped by so called rebels and then I ask again what entices a man to a woman is fully covered up. The worst of it all, men who rape children, what crime or what fantasy do this little beings evoke in a man.

Because some idiots will sit down to justify rape and blame the victim. People who justify rape are as wicked as the idiots who commits the act.

Our boys have become the evil we have to run from, they have taken over from the devil and are now the devil we are to pray against.

We need to start teaching our boys to be real men.
Someone needs to teach our boys not be weakling of their own emotions.
Present day young mothers and future mothers need to prepare themselves to teach their boys the right way.
The future does not need the weak, subservient idiots we have in our generation.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. a while ago, a friend of mine was waylaid by two guys at night on her way back from church, luckily for her, as they were struggling with her skirt, two of her church brothers started coming down that road so the rapists left her and ran. When the two brothers got to her, my friend told them what had just happened, and the only thing the brothers could say was that she wasnt spiritually strong enough, one even said she was too fragile physically and that thatz what the rapists must have seen in her.

    had it been she really had gotten rape, all she would have heard was either, she was spiritually or physically weak, or that she had been coming back from church at an ungodly hour and things like that.

    i guess itz just easier for people to blame the victim than to render the emotional support needed by a rape victim.

    i just feel so sorry for this Absu girl, getting raped by five people and then having to listen to people talk thrash

  2. The training starts as soon as the child leaves the womb. Unfortunately some mothers do not teach their sons to respect women. I've done my bit and I think he listened. Some mothers encourage their sons to treat other peoples' daughters the way they would not like their own daughters treated.

    It's about us all having a duty not just towards ourselves or acting for the good of ourselves but for the good of all humanity. Until that selfish mentality undergoes a systemic shift in our country, incidents like this will continue to happen.

  3. @ Sugarcoated: Really? Even her fellow brethren couldn't support? This is so cruel. I don't even know what to say again

  4. A very sad tale I must confess. Sincerely, who do we blame? The parents for not training their kids well? The nation for not upholding a legacy for the youth to follow? The religious institutions for not doing enough? Ladies for not dressing well? Guys who lack self control? Sincerely, I don't know... It is well.

    - LDP

  5. Bravo, Laura!

    There is never an excuse for rape...never! And the church-goers who said that poor girl was spiritually weak, Please! That's just another excuse. (Besides, what gives one person the right to say another is spiritually weak? That person should take the plank out of h/h eye first!)

    Unfortunately, rape is common in too many countries. CNN has a special Sunday night about how young girls are sent into prostitution because it's the tradition in some places (not Nigeria).

    Rape - prostitution - all of this sickens me. I feel so sorry for the girl who was raped for five hours. No one fully recovers from a trauma such as that.

  6. Applause Lara.

    parents need to teach our boys that yes means yes not just the absence of no.
    Girls need to learn to exercise their right to say No and expect it to be respected.

  7. I heard about the story,gruesome tale indeed.

  8. @sugarcoated: those church members are so stupid, WTH does she is not spiritually strong enough means.

    @LDP: The ladies not dressing well is not an excuse, and this is not even the case here. In some way, our parents, societal thinking has failed us.

  9. Really terrible times we're in for sure. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this.

  10. That rape scandal still haunts my mind.. it is painful to imagine there are trolls out there who do this to girls. And it is even sadder to realize that some people are so insensitive to the issue!..Only God will dole out true justice!!
    Now following u on twitter "@pweetie_kirtee" :)

  11. Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it...

    I'm sure these ones were never trained.

    Very tragic...the things that our children of today are turning into!

    Thats why I guard my son with an eagle eye and look forward to keeping him in the way of God's word.

  12. I completely agree and must add that the society is actually formed from small clusters/the nuclear family...

  13. this an act of witchcraft cos i can't believe someone can be this cruel to his fellow human being. whoever they are that raped her imagine if it were your sister..chizys-spyware@blogspot.com

  14. Apart from mothers teaching their boys to respect woman, The women should should also change the way they present themselves to boys as object of pleasure.