Thank you guys for all your comments.

I left Nigeria yesterday and I arrived Mumbai at 4.00 am Naija Time which was 8.20am in India today safely.

I had a hours stop over at the Dubai airport and I must say just seeing the Airport alone, the Country is Beautiful.

I spent the better part of my 2hrs 15min flight of the Dubai to Mumbai time sleeping and I ate my first Indian Dish on the plane. The name of the food is Anda Bhurji which is a meal of scrambled eggs, with sauteed potatoes with mustard seeds, and lentils cooked with fresh spinach.

I spent the better part of the day sleeping as everyone was at is 12.35am of which it is 8.05pm in Nigeria, everyone is asleep now, but my body is still doing Naija time.

Mumbai is just like Lagos, the traffic, slum and the gra gra of me it the Lagos of India.
I leave for Hyderabad tomorrow by the Grace of God...getting a ticket is so expensive right now and I have a team training to attend on I have no choice but to be in Hyderabad tomorrow.

Till later.

♥ Lara 

Molara Brown


  1. WOw! great to hear you are loving India. Yeah, you sure would struggle with the jet lag/time difference no doubt.

    Yes o, if Naija's MMA could just look half of Dubai's airport, wouldn't it be nice? That airport was once voted the best in the world, I think in 2006.

    Are you there on AISEC trip? How long is the conference. I have a friend here who is very much involved with AISEC. lol

    - LDP

  2. @LDP: I am here on a AIESEC-TCS Internship for a whole year