I am supposed to start my gist from my arrival in India, but my experience in Hyderabad from yesterday took a very interesting turn.

I arrived Hyderabad on Friday after missing my flight on Thursday night, with my excess luggage and all *Mumbai gist later. I am staying at the Tata quarters till I get my own apartment.

I had to go to work yesterday, because a annual departmental training for my team was going on which I could not miss since they all knew I was in India. I got to meet my teammates, for now we are 3 ACE Interns in the team...two of us from Nigeria, the other has been here since last year, and might be leaving anytime soon and one lithuanian chick, Kristina, who is one hell of a character...the rest of the department people are Indians who all seem cool.

I find the city of Hyderabad overwhelming and intimidating, and it is a far cry from Mumbai...All major IT company's are represented here...Google, Amazon, Dell, to name a few and I guess that is why it is called the silicon valley of India.

I have always known that the Tata Group is a huge conglomerate and they practically own the whole of India as they have subsidiaries in every sector of the economy...but I did not expect the Tata Consultancy Services Limited to be a Corporation on its own...in Hyderabad, they have 3 different huge offices, just like in Mumbai and the security details is on another level...It brings back memories of visit to Exxon Mobil in Lagos.

Understanding the sessions was so hard, because the English spoken by this people is on another level...I would call it bastardized English, I hope I will be able to construct a correct sentence by the time I leave here. The presentation and quiz sessions by my team mates is the part I enjoyed in the whole session. During quiz one of the groups was asked the meaning of Job Description Title and dude said job...I could pick out the competitive, the intelligent and the *I am just lucky to be here* personalities.

Later that night, we decided to hang out with other   interns in Hyderabad and some other TCS interns from Mumbai and Chennai....I have to prepare myself for a lot of traveling with this people. Most of the other Interns are from Europe with a sprinkle from Latin America and just 2 of us from Africa. There was also this nerdy dude who works with Amazon and who seems to like Kristina with us.

Seems like there is a typical blood which runs through AIESECers around the world...drinks and partying...the drinks where already flowing by the time we got to the house of the other interns...after a while we set out to the club...by 12am on the dot the plug was pulled and we had to go...also typical of AIESECers they wanted to create a party of their own. We later ended in the house of some Brazilian dude who works for Novartis and there the party began and the trouble started.

At 2.30am, there was a knock on the door, and everyone was suddenly silent...the door was opened and we saw 2 residents and about six people who claimed to be police officers at the door. They said we were consistuiting a nuisance, asking what we were doing, what we were playing and all sorts of funny questions.
Brazilian guy told them to he would switch off the music and that they should leave his apartment, but they refused. Later they went out and some of us decided to leave...when we got to the lift, we were not allowed to leave and was told there was a procedure. One of Brazilian guy's friend had exchange words with the so-called police officers and they were claiming that he is an illegal immigrant, even after dude showed them his work ID.

The men came back to search the apartment after all the guys followed them downstairs, in their mind, we had to be doing drugs or something bad for us to be partying at night. Then Kazakhstan girl got up told them to leave the apartment, that they had no right to be searching the apartment. She requested for the so-called police man's ID card, which he could not produce and told them that anyone could be dressed in their so-called uniform and claim to be a policeman. One of the residents, who was the one spear-heading the search then asked her to stay out of the whole issue since she was not the owner of the apartment. I loved the way she talked back to the man who was obviously affluent and told them all to leave the apartment. Everyone kept telling me after, welcome to India, welcome to the craze of India.

At 3.45am, Kristina, Sandra and I walked in the freezing night to our apartment which was not really far...We would all find out about how the issue was resolved at work on Monday.

Today we are attending a children's event organized by AIESEC Hyderabad, we get to meet other non-TCS interns and I will be officially reporting to work on Monday.

Here is a view of the office where I would be working...

A wonderful week to you all, and Merry Christmas in advance, even though there is no feeling of Christmas here in Hyderabad.

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. I wish you a good stay there. I look forward to reading about your experience....

  2. Interesting story, I look forward to visiting India one of these days. How long are you there for?

  3. ooooh wooow,sounds like a lot of fun over there!!!Hahahaha!!!U no show them ur true naija blood color sha!
    Take this from T.Notes,next time a foreigner wants to intimidate,just start some major yoruba cursing out session-inserting some english inbetween so that they get the gist!Lol!
    Make the best of the time,and DON'T come and update saying u av fallen inlove with Ballarabad or however names are pronounced there!

  4. Lol @ T.Notes.

    It's great to have an opportunity like this to see that part of the world. I'm 'jelux' in a nice way sha.

    That bit about the Indian 'police' sounded like something that could happen in Naija too. It's a little strange and scary too.
    Hope you won't have to start watching what you eat, all that oil from indian food;)

    All the best missy. Enjoy.

  5. Wow, it seems like you'll be having a lot of fun and stories to tell!...haha...I can't wait...

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. @Myne: I am in here for a year
    @T.Note: They do not really understand English, so putting English in a sentence self no get any impact.
    @Nailalines and Blessing: thank you guys