I am tired of just letting things hppen to me
Instead of doing what I want,
Instread o taking the risk,
I have always been the person
I do not want to be
Doing things, I do not want to do

I have always been looking out for
What every one else wants

Now  I look for to living my own dreams
I want to be my own person
and not Every one else's person

Molara Brown


  1. Living someone else's life sure doesn't pay off in the end. I feel you.

  2. Someone once said, "I do not know the secret of success but I know the secret of failure, which is, trying to please everyone"

    You cannot please people and live successfully. By that, I define success as living a purposeful life. I think the realization of this is the first step in the right direction. YOu are getting there Lara.

    - LDP

  3. Go ahead and live your life o jare, I totally feel you.

  4. Hey Dear
    I feel you on this. Lived my life the same way for a long time, toeing steps that people decided were right for me. In the end i ended up frustrated, bitter and making little or no progress, till i took personal stock of my own affairs and prayerfully walked my way into my own heart's desires.
    *Strength Dear*

  5. It sucks doesn't it, trying to fit in to other peoples mold, hmm, i know that story so well...best part of being tired is....that's when the change for something new begins...being tired is good sometimes :)

  6. I'm a bit (ha!) older and can remember I felt your sentiments and totally understand what you're saying. Everyone reaches a stage where he/she wants to emerge from a cocoon into his/her own person. But some in that person's orbit may resist the emergence. This is not a religious or cultural or geographic 'thing' but is a human nature 'thing'. Articulate your needs thoughtfully. But keep to your course for I've found that those who don't become their own person are bitter later. Good luck!