You're under arrest, you have to follow us to the station, he said.
Oga, what did I do that I would follow you to the station, I said.
Madam said you have to follow us, he said.

Some minutes back, I had spoken to his boss on the phone inrespect of my chairman's instruction not to receive any letter on her behalf.

In the last one hour, I have been arguing with the police officer that I cannot follow him to the station. Station ke, ori mi ko, Iran mi sun station ri.
My offence is that i refused to accept a police letter.
The men brought a police invitation for my chairman for a matter which is concerning one of her properties. Chairman people no dey, an the receptionist came to call me to inform them that the chairman's staffs are not around and the matter self is not even related to organization I work for, it is chairman's personal matter.

The police oga was insisting on the phone that they come with me, chairman dey halla for my oga that they must not take me. Me self. liver dey do me dey argue with police people them.  It is even funny, i have never heard of where you arrest someone for refusing to accept letter on another person's behalf.
After all the grammar and phone calls, they left me...if my chairman had not shouted on the phone and I insisting I do not work for the chairman, na so dem for carry me go station on matter wey I no sabi anything about.
If persin no sabi im right for naija and no sabi correct influential persin, na OYO you dey oh.

Molara Brown


  1. Onlt in naija indeed. And they say police is your friend?

  2. GOSH...i hate the Nigerian police
    I love it when people stand up to them, the idiots think they can climb on anybody's head whenever they like
    You need to see me & them, i frustrate all their efforts povided i'm not at fault
    You did well to stand up to them

  3. Nigerian police are just a menace!!!H8 them with a capital letter H!!!When i see their bloody blinking torch lights, i hit the gas and swerve out of their hungry paths! Hisss,they only know how to harass civilians then scamper when they hear gunshots!Nuisance!You did well Girl!

  4. @Myne Friend Ke, does people will not blink an eye to harm you. You just have to stand up to them.

    @T.Notes my own H is bold self

  5. Gosh! Thank God you stood your ground and did not accept nor follow them. Would have been a totally different story...

  6. na real wa for Naija Police.. harassment of the citizens is what they do best, thank God u escaped their clutches