Think About That And Smile by IIWYM

Hello people,
How you all had a wonderful weekend, for me it was a sleep thingy...stole this from a blog and to avoid been sued for Copyright abi is it plagiarism  am referencing.  Post was stole from  IIWYM

Let’s talk about your man
and how he doesn’t respect you,
how he says he loves you
but leaves nothing but doubts in you
Remember how he mistreats you,
telling lies
about how you miss-saw him rubbing on that bitch’s thighs,
how he promised he wasn’t like other guys
But it was too late that you realized
he was sitting on a big surprise
His nappy-heads was in the fives
and that’s just from what you heard,
what you picked up from those clucking birds,
the ones that used to know her,
the one who gave him three,
three that neither could afford to feed
Only one was willing to be,
to be there,
to stay and raise both their shares,
and she still misses him
Imagine that
She still imagines kissing him
And he’s told you more than twice
that she could bump and grind it right,
that she didn’t like it nice,
not like you
No she was nothing like you
It was hard and rough that she liked
She was a garden plot
She wanted to be dug out,
pounded by meaty flesh till she was shouting out,
and that’s the way he wants you to be,
to give up your love talk
unless it’s that pillow talk
He wants you to walk her walk,
but you just want a man,
the type who will understand
that you desire a slow hand,
Millie’s All The Way Lover’s hands
You want him,
but what you got is that
He gave you lusty lies when you needed loving facts
And I’m sorry child
I’m sorry that right now
I can’t make you smile
I can only give you this,
these honest words and a virtual kiss,
written hugs and another kiss,
spiritual caresses and all of this
Think about it
Think about it and smile.

Think about it. That is your man, what I know about him at least. You have been putting up with his shit for a long time, and you knew better; you know better now. Baby, you should not be living lonely. I am not saying you should leave him, but I have to say that there has to be a man who will treat you better. A good man would not call you out in front of others. He would not call you out of your name. He would be a tender lover, more into touching your heart than your thighs, not that your thighs are not soft and smooth to the touch. I am sure they are, but what can a man get from them—or from between them—that is better than what he can get from your soul and mind?
Think about that.
Think about that and smile.

Molara Brown


  1. Wow awesome!!!!N very true.

    "He gave you lusty lies when you needed loving facts...."We'r (men)many times guilty of this bit n a whole lot of the other, even i would admit.

    Woohoo, n i claim 1st!

  2. Really nice!

    ...but wondering when this men victimization will stop.

  3. @Musco why do you see it as Men's Victimization

  4. Super wow! It's never good when selfish and sensitive come together. And thank you, Laura, for your out reach. It's a difficult time for Susan when smiles are precious. But I'm sure she'll find the path to healing.