WEEKEND et al.

Attended the wedding of a fellow AIESEC Alumni...Seyi was the President of AIESEC in the University of Lagos and the first and only Female President of AIESEC Nigeria. Seyi is also on of the few AIESECER I look up to. Soeven though I was fasting, I had to a part of her Happy day . Here is wishing her a happy married life. 
Khadijat, Moyo, Bunmi, the Groom,Seyi, Me and Kole
Khadijat, Moyo, Bunmi, the Groom,Seyi, Me, Kole and Niyi
My gum has been giving me serious headache, woke up in pains on friday and my friends jokingly said my gum hurts because it was friday the 13th, the day bad things are assumed to happen. Now it is Monday the 15th and my gum still hurts. I have taken all the medications prescribed from the pain killers to the anti -biotics still nothing, it is even worse when I laugh, don't know what to do.

Writing  my cipmm exams this week

Molara Brown


  1. Lovely pics, I wish the couple a great married life.

    Good luck in your exams dear. Please go and see a dentist for your gums OK?

  2. Goodluck for your exams, and you should go see a dentist for your gums. Self-medicating wont give you lasting relief. Sorry dear

  3. Lara oh, would that be the groom, or the bride???

    so what did the dentist say?

  4. U should see a dentist if u havent...

    Goodluck with exams

  5. Beautiful photos of some very beautiful people...I wish the couple life's every happiness.

    Please, please see a dentist!! I don't like knowing you're in pain. (let me know how this turns out, ok?)

    And good luck on your exams. HUGS!

  6. Congrats to the couple :)

    Hope uve seen a dentist by now babe!