Love Triangle

I love him
Him loves me not
Him loves her
She loves him not
She love He
She would do anything to He
He love her not
He is gay
He loves Him.

Exams was good, felt so strange been in the exam hall, last serious exams was '08, not that long but definately felt out of place.
My gum is back, wasn't self medicating...Pa is a doctor, though not a dentist and he recommended the use of anti-biotics and all them drugs...
Lovely and filfilling week to you all
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. Love triangles, vicious circles...
    Hope the exams went well and good to hear that your gums are okay

  2. Happy exams are over, know you've done well...and, please, let's listen to your pa about those's been several days now...!

  3. Lol@He Loves her not, He is gay!!!

  4. Love can be so twisted right?

  5. wait o... thts more than a triangle o. Its a quadrilateral cos it involves I, Him, He and She. You see...? lol

    I am sure ur exams went well.

    - LDP

  6. I love the short poem...thats how complicated this love thing gets oh....all the best in your exams

  7. I thought this was creative. I hope you do not mind that I sent a link to it from Twitter.

  8. @eric no problem with you linking the poem