Sweet...Sad Weekend

On Saturday, Finally met HappyBBB at her birthday party at the beach. She is such a lovely girl and a very good host. Did not get to take a picture with her, which is sad.

Laura, I and Sandra(My friends who went with me)
Yesterday, while ironing my aunt's clothes for the party she wanted to drag me to, the sad news came,Tunji's father died in the morning. Tunji is a friend of the family and he is a fiance to a cousin. The man had been in the hospital for about 2weeks and was discharged on Friday. The doctors had conducted a test on his discharge and told the family to come back for his result. On Saturday, the hospital called that his son should bring back to the hospital immediately that the man's blood level is very low and is in a delicate situation. The family refused to return him to the hospital saying they should not have discharged him, if they were not sure of his condition. They instead took him to the Lagoon hospital, which insisted on a N1million deposit before commencing treatment at all. After money was paid and treatment commenced, but as Allah will have it, the man passed away yesterday. Burial is today, because the other children wanted to come see their father for the last time. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him eternal peace and Aljannah.

The picture below is a bump on the head of a 5year old boy.

No he wasn't born like that, neither does he have a tumor or something growing inside his head. His class teacher did this to him and her excuse was that he is too stubborn. This picture was taken 12hours after the incident...blood was seriously gushing out and there was an opening at the top. The teacher said she hit him with a cane, but am sure she is lying. A cane would not do this, a plank or something else would cause this.

Like some people said on facebook, the woman most definately does not have a child or have never loved a child. Only a heartless and wicked soul will hit a child on the head and cause injury to the child. What if the child had concussion or something serious happens to him and they would not know in years. This is a criminal offence, I thought Gov. Fashola has a new rule which says, teachers will be jailed for caning a child and this is even worse than caning, she has cause an injury to the child.This teacher deserves to be in jail. The kids family were busy listening to story and the principal who was arguing she was not aware was giving them a dumb excuse of they would look into the matter. if the kid was related to me, she will so be smelling her ass in jail, where the so called devil which took over her will desert her.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. One of the things I missed not being able to go for HappyBBB's party. :(

    So, well, good to discover your blog

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. May Tunji's dad's soul rest in Peace and as for that teacher....hopefully she will find herself behind bars. Some teachers just vent their frustrations on kids...its not fair!

  4. My condolences to your family and that of Tunji. may his father's soul RIP.

    The teacher that did that should be reported to the police. What?!

  5. Which one's youuuuuu?!!!!!Ya'll looking smashing!
    Look's like u had fun!
    My condolences to the family.

    The teacher should b dropped a lawsuit so hot!!!!


  7. In this day & age, teachers still beat like that?
    I am ok with a teacher flgging my kid with a cane because I too will, but not 'beating', & least of all, with a stick or something else

    Sorry about Tunji's dad

  8. No one should beat a child so much that there'd be a bump on his head. Was she planning on killing him?

    Sorry about the other sad news of Mr. Tunji's passing :(

  9. May the soul of the departed RIP.

    As for that teacher, I'd suggest she show me the "cane" she used, and I WILL USE SAME ON HER HEAD until I get the desired result! What?!!!

    Is she is real teacher? Was she ever trained to teach? For crying out loud, why would anyone beat a child to that extent? There are other ways of disciplining an erring child! If she has problems at home, she should not vent her frustrations on innocent children!

    Where are the parents of this child?

  10. My condolences to the whole family on Tunji's father's death.

    Seriously, Naija allows alot in schs o. I trust 'my people'... lol. See beating o. lol

    And... ur picture's beautiful :)

    - LDP

  11. @T.Notes am the one in the middle
    @Dee: the boy's parent are not in town, the kids lives with his grandfather
    @LDP thanks for the compliment