Hold on to the Rope of Allah

A Lion's share of Nations, yet birds of a feather,
A braided strand of yarn twists us together.
A Rope which in all our differences we hold so tight,
Our defence, Our saviour, our Purpose in life

"Hold on to the Rope of Allah
and do not be divided",

The direction our Ahirah has yet to be decided.
With the plan of Shaytan to cause division,
We cry but our tears only clear our vision.
The glorious Qur'an is the Rope of Allah,
A provision we must always use, not just in Salah.
The Rope of Allah is a fraction of His Mercy,
That He lowers to us though we are not worthy.
So hang on to it for life and you will be what you yearn to be,
Hold tightly to His Rope and see the beauty of eternity.

-by Rafia Parvez

Molara Brown

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