Evelyn and my cousin Bimpe met at the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun state and they have been friends ever since. A friend of Bimpe is automatically a friend of the family as she always brings them home to introduce to the family.

Some years back I remember, Bimpe showing me the Aso-ebi selected for Evelyn’s wedding and Bimpe travelling to Abuja to attend the wedding. The wedding was meant to be the talk of the town as her boss and members of the National Assembly where she works were meant to grace the event; the groom’s family is also well known in Abuja.

Expecting her to be married, I asked my aunt who stayed over at Evelyn’s house during her one week trip to Abuja, how Evelyn and her husband were doing and if they now have a child. I was dumbfounded, when told that Evelyn is still single and that the wedding was called off two weeks to the set date.

According to my aunt, the Groom’s father had consulted a pastor or imam (not sure which, who had predicted that the union between the two is catastrophic as they are not destined to spend their lives together in matrimony. Death would come knocking if they fail to heed to “the word of God” subsequently the wedding was called off. The Groom’s father would rather have disappointed people than death in his family.

Evelyn is not alone in this world; a lot of altar bound relationships have been ruined by the prophecy of doom. It is pathetic that most people still rely heavily on prophecies before making decisions on their own; they would rather their Imam or pastor pray for them, than open up their God given mouth to seek the Lord.

We need to be physically and spiritually discerning on our own. For me, the joy of spending my life with the man I love and cherish, no matter how long or short it is enough for me and would so not allow any prophet of doom deprive me of a life of joy and harmony.

♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I do not take kindly to people who would believe these prophets of doom, some of them fake. If the pastor is so powerful why can't he pray t turn away such catastrophe?

  2. I have a post like this which I have not yet published.. and I share the sentiments of Myne...I believe people should listen to God for themselves and ignore all third parties and I also believe those 'catastrophies' can be avoided, that is why we get revelations isnt it?

  3. the way and manner these people have destroyed people's lives is in itself catastrophic..and i don't believe that God sent them it's been said, even if it wre true, God can avert any evil so y not pray and avert the evil..i pity those who dont take a step without them..

  4. Our lives are not threads hanging onto the words of another human being, we need to learn to seek God for ourselves. If God has not confirmed something to me in my heart, then it is not a done deal.

  5. True this!!!I've heard way too many of such bullish!!!U captured it nicely at then end--people should just take responsibility for their own spirituality/decisions. Who can tell which of these "men of God" r just prophesying for publicity.

  6. while I agree with you, its also not the best to overlook or shrug off the “prophet of doom”. Its always good to go back and pray and double pray that God reveals to you if the prophet is 4 real or if the message is for real. Cuz many marriages that seemed “made in heaven” dint last, because they couldn’t look past the moment

  7. I feel you on this post. its not by power or might or like in this case some prophet, but its by the spirit says the lord. Go down on your own knees and talk to God. Did he not give us a voice, so used it.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Is it only about prophecies of doom? There are people who have had their minds severely abused by these 'pastors' & 'men of God' that commune one on one with God...rubbish

    To digress abit, yesterday i drove past a Range, HSE, i think, with a customised number, the name of the church...i need to understand why the senior pastor of the church should be driving in a very expensive flashy car while most members of even the church dont even have bicycles... *mpscheew*

  9. It is a good thing to keep away from the prophets of doom.

  10. Very sound post
    Its not only marriages dis prophets of doom destroy
    Its relationships even btw mother and child
    Like telling someone who is going thru issues, that their mum is d cause smh
    We dnt need anyone to help us read out future
    That's d bridge that Jesus made for us
    Now we can go down on our knees
    And ask God personally if the path we r taking is d right one
    People just don't stop amazing me

  11. whether we accept it or not, sm of these things are true but why did d father of the groom have to wait till 2wks to the wedding before he found out?

    d pastor shld ve knwn d wedding was due in 2 wks. why didn't he pray to avert it?

    d pastor wicked small jo!