Do not look at me like that
I do not like it when you look at me like that
I hate that condesencing look you give me
Like you know where I am headed
or where I am coming from.
Do not look at me like that
Like you are better than me
Like you are sure you will make heaven
and I destined for hell.
Why not let the creator be the judge of me.
Last I checked or know, He did not appoint you
his scribe nor secretary.
Do not look at me like that
I hate it when you look at me like that.

(this is me trying to write a poem)
♥ Lara

Molara Brown


  1. I like!
    Sounds like that yoruba song "Iwo ko lo da mi, o de n soro bi eledumare; Iwo ko lo da mi" lol

    - LDP

  2. iLike it too
    Unfortunately, its human nature to judge and then conveniently forget their own somnething, lol

  3. Not a bad one for a trial girl!!!Ok,i hope this isn't coming as a repeat cos i could have sworn i dropped a comment here!!!
    I always maintain that there are snaer,calmer n less condemning ways to pass across an opinion. Hence,if anybody's giving you grief, direct him/her my way n i'd sort the billy out for u!

  4. This is really good for a first timer. Very clear message. keep writing.

  5. You're first attempt so there's definitely a long way for you too go and a lot of improvement to do.

    I loved the message you passed across..It has a whimsical quality to it.

  6. darling, it sounds like,
    "the next time i'll tell you to stop looking at me like that, you'll see what i'll do to you"
    jus dont go slapping anyone, just yet
    i like the idea so am not gonna judge your 'poetrics'

  7. i add- 'Do not look at me like that' like you know my life or can walk in my shoes, like you can do better and i'm just wasting the space..

    me likey,'s so on point!

  8. wassup girl i finally found your blog its interesting

  9. "Why not let the creator be the judge of me."

    I love the simplicity of this "Lara-trying-to-write-a-poem".

    You should "try" more o!