The Begining of a New Dawn

They say it is a New Year,
They say it is a new decade,
It is just a change in date to me.
I am sorry, I do not share the enthusiasm of the new year/decade as most people.

It is just coincidental that the start of the year/decade is the beginning of a new dawn in my life.
I am not one for new year resolutions, so i don't have any list
The last 17days, I must confess as been wonderful.
I have met people from all continents,
met people of various backgrounds, characters and way of life.
I am experiencing a whole new world
I have and still am experiencing culture shock.
But in all I am loving it.
I know it will not always be rosy, I have decided to be open minded and intend to learn from every experience I gain here.

Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming, like I am here on holidays and I would be back to reality soon.
But this is now my reality...I am spending the next one year or more of my life in India.

I love where I am this moment,
Emotionally and Mentally...
Not just because I am on an internship in one of the subsidiary of a global organization
But because I have paid my dues this year, I have grown and developed into a woman I never thought I could be.

Last year I met a lot of people, most virtually.
I thank you guys for all the comments, also included are t e silent guys  cannot imagine how much impact and mark you have left in my life.
I do not want to mention any names but just to say Thank you all.

Even though I partied into the year...I know it is going to be one of fun, dreams achieved and plenty blessings.

Today, I am in the house of a colleague who is also a Nigeria, been here since yesterday.
5 of us, all Nigerian, we came together to spend the new year together and I have never been happier.
I am surrounded by my own and we represent the geographical divide of Nigeria.
We have done our best to bring home  ourselves, and at this moment, even though I miss home and family, I would not trade today for any moment in life.

2011 is going to be a great year for us all...Happy New year

♥ Lara  from Incredible India

Molara Brown


  1. Like you said, what's important is that we grow and learn from our experiences as the years go by. It is already a good year and it will continue to unravel with plenty of wonderful surprises. Amen.

  2. It's great you are having fun and happy with where you are now ... I'm definite you'll have a great 2011 ...
    have fun in India and obey your mum

  3. Happy 2011 hon!!Looking forward to your India tales too!!

  4. so coooooooooool!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Happy New Year.

    You were a big part of 2010. Thanks for the book.

  6. yaaay...finally she get to eat celebration rice...glad you're having fun...Happy New Year to you Lahra

  7. @baroque yeah, I finally got to eat celebration rice

    @Aloofar You're welcome

  8. Laura, I'm soooo happy for you. I've got to get caught up...last I knew you were at university, now you're doing an internship with an NGO. WOW! This is wonderful! I'm eager to hear more!!!

  9. I can imagine the whole thing feeling like a dream. But hey no worries,it's part of the colors you'll add to the tales of your life. I'd say,enjoy it and rock on!
    Happy new year again.
    Wheneva it sux,buzz us. We got ur back jare!

  10. I can imagine it might every now n then feel a little like a dream, but hey, they say these days are part of the colors we add to the stories of our days.So enjoy it,make the best of it, and love life.
    N when it sux,buzz us. We've got ur back jare!
    Being far from home/familiarity can atyms be a bummer.