New dawn

I am sitted at the reception of my new organization,30 minutes before official resumption time. There is no on in sight, except the clearer, even the receptionist is no where to be found. JJC me is all alone with the cleaners.

I actually didn't think i would get the job, because i got this weird feeling from the MD during my 2nd interview that she wanted someone with exprience, guess i was wrong and here i am sitted at the reception, waiting for the day to start.

This is the begining of a future unknown...
How long i am going to be here for,only the future will tell, no matter how long, i hope to have a wonderful experience here.

My holiday plan for the year is soo gone on hold as there is no going on leave clause for a year, told it's a usual thing with private organizations.

So going to miss my late night movies, late wake ups and aimless lounging/lazying around. Back to the life of early wake ups, make up with phone's touch light, long trip back home in those snail-speed traffic and practically no social life, i have to improvise one...

Molara Brown

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