I have been cracking since i heard this gist. It is not a funny matter, but a really serious one, but hearing sure makes one laugh.

Imagine been slapped by a superior at work...

While everyone was reeling in the after valentine blues and some still in the valentine spirit, my mum's boss was sure in a bad mood. He obviously woke up on the wrong side of his bed.

The man got to work and the first thing he did after speaking about two words to another officer who is only a rank lower to him was to slap him on the parades ground under the national flag in the full glare of every one.

He did not stop at that, he went ahead to slap two other officers in their varying offices.

The three officers are not junior officers but senior officers, The man slapped in the view of every one is way older and if not for the stupid quota system which favors only the notherners, He would be ahead of him in rank as He started work way before this dude would think of working in his life.

and the first thing i asked my mum after listening to the gist was if one is allowed to physically assault a fellow officer whether junior or senior under the civil service act.

This is a serious offence according to the civil service act or is it code and i hope that man gets to pay for his actions.

Molara Brown

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