I was ten minutes late to work today, imagine been late on your 2nd day at work, when JJC like me is supposed to be impressing oga madam. It is not kuku my is not like i did not wake up on time or leave the house late. I was just unfortunate to be a passenger of an epileptic bus.

I should have listened to the man that was busy raking on the driver when i entered but my head was just not with me at that moment. The bus's case pass epilepsy, if there was another word to describe the drama, that this stupid bus performed please provide. To make matters worse, the bus decided to quench at unsuitable zones where the was no way of getting any form of transportation,except one treks down the road which is about 50m. The driver even refused to give us back our money.

The passengers in the bus were another matter entirely. There was this particular man who I was sure would have serious headache if the bus had a smooth sailing. He was just hammering that the bus will quench and the bus was not alright till he got down from the bus. At some point, some passengers were just abusing themselves, the driver self tire and startede driving roughly. The two poeple in the front seat besided the driver started first, the woman accused her partner of nagging too much and not allowing the driver to concentrate. They abbused themselves no be small. The other ones started arguing on payment of T-fare and within minutes abuse start. Even the ever occuring noise at Ikotun market was not as loud as the bus this morning.
Me my laughing gas was just leaking, scenerios like this get me cracking, the man seated beside me, was giving me strong look and I did not just send him.

A journey of one hour took two hours, but I was not bother because I got a good laugh of the whole situation. Luckily for me,there was no hold up at TinCan, so I got a smooth sail to Apapa and the boss is not around.

Molara Brown

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