Togo- I fell in love again

I was back in Togo again this year for the Easter holiday. I visited last year also during the Easter holiday
Tayo and I agreed to go back to Togo, our love for that country cannot end anytime soon. We had 3 new people join us this time around, one of them is Simi of Eattechtravel.

We stayed in the same apartment as the last time and the owner of the house was also in Togo from France.

We went with ABC transport, I am never traveling with ABC transport ever again in my life, a story for another day.

We visited Coco Beach and also the beach across the road from the house. I went back to Womé fall in Kpalimé with Simi and Lucy. We also discovered the  Lomé Cathedral and the arts and craft market.

The arts and crafts markets reminds me of the Lekki Market. All 3 arts of craft market (Accra, Lomé and Lekki) look and feel the same to me, they have the same products. I guess the voodoo section in the Lomé is the only major difference between all 3.

Our initial plan was to visit Koutammakou, a UNESCO site of traditional mud houses for a day. We found out that the trip actually takes over 7 hours and we would have to spend the night in the town close to the village. We jejely changed plans and ended up in Womé

This time around I took got to swim in the Womé fall, there was no Miss red in town to stop.

Asides from the stress with ABC, I had a really good holiday. Language barrier was a mess this time around. It was hard communicating with our airbnb host but dude was nice. He even took us out on the night before we left. The Togolese hospitality is the best I have experienced in our African countries I have visited.

I am already mentally planning my next trip to Togo. I can't seem to get enough of that country. For my next trip to Togo, I plan to go beyond Lomé and experience the other waterfall. 

The month of Ramadan is here and the next public holiday is coming. I plan to spend time with the family. I will be splitting my days between my mum's and my father's. I may get to visit Badagry for a day's trip.

What are your plans for the holiday? 


Molara Brown


  1. I actually wanted to join y'all but work *sigh*. Planning to go to Accra Thoufh and was going to use ABC but seeing that your comment is making me have 2nd thoughts. You think it's better to cross border by yourself or just use another transport company that isn't ABC?

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    1. Use another transport company, border wahala is another stress on its own.

  2. Interesting key rings, LOL. Glad you enjoyed your stay.
    I'd really like to visit the waterfalls whenever I get to go back to Togo. Hopefully, that would be soon.


    1. The road to the waterfall is not all smooth but totally worth it.

  3. That key holders though...ahhahha
    See me going awwwing...I do admire your courage for travelling and experiencing new things.
    Happy Ramadan.The Lord is your strength.

  4. Those waterfall pictures can blind someone though! ;)

    Does Togo feel like stepping back in time to visit a more serene and anciently beautiful Nigeria? That's the sort of imagery my mind is longing for......

  5. Wonderful photos as always and what a lovely country to visit. Obviously you had too much fun Lara. Greetings to you!

  6. WOW!!! I also want to travel to Togo!!! Going back to check the beautiful photos...

  7. Hey Lara, I've been thinking about going to Benin Republic and Togo but i haven't gotten any incentive to go to Togo. This really helped. Thanks