Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2016-Spirit Robot

I was in Ghana for the Chale Wote street Art festival. The festival took place took between 15 - 21, August . My friends, Tayo, Sandra and I departed Lagos 18th of August and attended the festival on 20 and 21 August. Chale Wote street art festival is an annual arts festival held in Accra, held on the streets of James town. The festival which is curated and organized by ACCRA DOT ALT, a cultural network group in Accra,  includes street painting, photography,  spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances and much more since its first edition in 2011.

From the moments I saw the pictures from 2015's festival floating on my Instagram timeline last year, I knew the 2016 edition was not to be missed. It was interesting to see the various artist's interpretation of this year's theme of ‘Spirit Robot’.

While at the festival, we were worried about losing our things. Because of the Nigerian experience and mentality, I kept looking over my shoulder, minding my bag and hoping no one tries to 'pick pocket' my bag. Luckily for me I had nothing to fear for no one was interested in robbing me, I only lost one of my toe nail to the event after one man who was walking right in my front in the midst of so many people abruptly stopped and I unknowingly slammed by toe nail in his very hard shoe.

At the festival were thousands of fashion and art lovers, tourists, students, old and young people moving around James town looking at the beautiful display of cultural artifacts, clothing, local food and drinks. Spray-can graffiti paintings equally lined the streets and the roads.

The weekend was filled with breathtaking moments which I will forever cherish and some of which I was able to capture through my lens.

You can find more pictures from the festival on my facebook page: 

This is one festival I hope to attend its next edition.

Until my next adventure.

Molara Brown


  1. I was actually really upset that I found out about this festival late as I was planning to go to Ghana this year. I love arts and culture so I can just imagine how much of an amazing experience it must have been for you.
    Anyways i'm not going to cry over spilled milk, next years festival is a must!

    1. It is a festival one must visit at least once and i love the atmosphere and the display of art in various forms.

  2. Wow I am a lover of African art and culture and I even got arround to travel enough. Can you please link me up when next you have a trip like this?

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  3. blessings and thank you for sharing. I was greedy for more but alas it came to an end.

    thanks again.

    25 September 2016 at 22:31

    1. More pictures are posted here: