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This post has been sitting in my draft for me weeks.

Recent Read: Lessons in Love
I finally read Lara Daniel's book. It has been on my kindle for the last one year but for one reason or the other never opened the book till some days back

I must commend the author for her ability to pull through the 1st person narrative. The book sort of gave me the "50 shades" vibe. I saw a similarity between Tara, the character in 'Lessons in Love" and Anastasia Steele of 50 shades (my thoughts, you don't have to agree if you have read the book).
I am always skeptical with Nigerian romance novels but Lara definitely did justice to this one.

I found the book rushed, like it was slow in the beginning, picked pace in the middle and before I knew it, the book had ended. In all Lara Daniels is an author to watch out for,

Movie: No Good Deed

This is the first Idris Elba movie I have watched.
Watched 'No Good Deed" at the Cinema with my friends Laura and Chinedu.
Abeg what is it with Naija Cinema goers and dishing commentary in while the movie is going on.

No Good Deed reminded me of the movie "Obsessed" starring Beyonce, to my surprise both movies were produced by same individual.

Idris Elba is obviously a talented actor and Taraji is also a good one. I am sure if not for the 2 of them, I probably would not have watched it.

The movie begin with Colin Evans (Idris Elba) pleading for an early release from prison, he is described by one of the parole board members as a "malignant narcissist," and, upon being transported back to prison, he murders several guards (including the kindly old man who wishes him well) and escapes. 

He pays a visit to his ex-fiancé who he ends up killing, Evans crashes his getaway vehicle in the woods and shows up on the doorstep of Terri Granger (Taraji P. Henson), an ex-District Attorney who is not appreciated by her emotionally distant husband and exhausted from staying at home with her two young daughters begging to use her phone to call the towing company. 

Terri’s sympathies come at great consequence. Actually, Colin didn't end up on Terri's doorstop by accident, he had come to see or should I say kill Terri's husband who was cheating on his wife with Colin's ex-fiancé.

The movie was worth the watch and I was glad I watched it with 2 of my favorite people.

Music: Bed of Stone-Asa

I am one of those who were looking forward to Asa's new album, Like I am in love with Asa and I was so glad when "Bed of Stone" dropped. I listen to the Album at least once a day. My favorite tracks on the album are 'Eyo', 'Dead Again' and the album title 'Bed of Stone'.


Molara Brown


  1. Been sceptical of going to see no good deed.... I thought the plot seems a little bit too obvious. But I'll take your word for it Lara!
    I am off the ones who had not heard any track off Asa's new album! Doing the 'walk away of shame'! Lol.


    1. Arggg some typos in there!

  2. I'm not much of a movie fan But books? Bring Them on... But Idris Elba is just sexy!

  3. Hiya mami...soooo movies (check)....Books (check)...Idris Elba...that's a No....I dunno tho' buh I am not a fan...

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