The Rude Applicant

The interview with her was schedule for 12pm.
She came in at 12:10 pm.
The interviewers left the office for an external meeting at 12: 05 pm.
The position she applied was a managerial one.

This is how the scenario played out,

Me: Hello, Good morning
Applicant: Good morning, My name is ....,I am here for the interview.
Me: Welcome, unfortunately the interviewers have just stepped out for a meeting...
Applicant: (cuts me,gave me a scowl) but the interview  email said 12 pm.
Me: Yes the email said 12 pm, but you were not here for 12, the interviewers left here 12.05 pm
Applicant: (Interrupts again) I saw them driving out, I was here before they left.
Me: Well, they should be back by 1pm
Applicant: (Interrupts again) Are you (name of of my team Lead)?
Me: No I am not
Applicant: Can I speak with her?
Me: unfortunately she is not available right now, as I was saying the interviewers will be back by 1 pm. Would you like to wait till then or we reschedule the interview.
Applicant: (interrupts, now giving me attitude) I would like to speak with (name of my team lead) as she told me 12 pm.
Me: Okay then, let me check if she is available.

I get my team lead for her.

They had a brief chat and madam agreed to wait for the interview
My team lead comes up and says babe is too argumentative, already forming attitude and would just not accept that she was late.

I was still talking to my team lead when one of my colleagues came in and said who is that rude person down there.

Apparently madam had insulted the security and drivers she met on her way into the office. She talked rudely to them.

I still don't get the reason why any one would be rude to the staffs of a company you are interviewing for. Like is it simply because it is a managerial position and she feels every other person is beneath her. A manager was standing at the gate when she rudely addressed the security guy and drivers and that one just said she was a no no.

She ended up not waiting for the interview as the interviewers did not arrive on time. She was just too impatient to wait for anything.

Like immediately I could tell the kind of manager she is at her current place of work.

No room for rudeness in our office, without even interview the lady had failed with her attitude. Like we operate an almost flat structure. Like I was in shock for the whole day, never in my 4 years of HR experience have I experienced such. Not even when I used to interview final year students back in my 2nd year in the University did I ever experience such attitude.

Attitude is one of the qualities measured to determine if an applicant will fit into a company's culture. Even if rudeness is allowed in a company I don't think such should be displayed at the interview stage.

 Only in Lagos will you be seeing orishirishi.

Weekend is coming and I am so excited.
Until the next post.


Molara Brown


  1. Permit me to write this in Yoruba...eleyi ti alaimokan fin se ara e lo poju....Managerial position ke? Smh...I really can't stand such...

  2. attitude will take a far in life or drag you down. she already lost the job when she disrespected the security.

  3. She doesn't know her interview started from the gate...poor her.

  4. Na wa! Like seriously?

  5. This is just the height. Kilode? Sigh. Very bad!!!

  6. Can you imagine that? Are you guys sure she is even normal? I am sure some screws are loose somewhere...
    Uniquely different with Fredilia

  7. *sigh* and that's how people miss opportunities...